Free Custom Design – From us! (backgrounds, icons intros)

Free Custom Design - From us! (backgrounds, icons intros)

Step 1: Subscribe Step 2: Pm us your request Step 3: If you like it and use it give us a seprate video shoutout and link you fans to this video and our chann…


  1. I wasn’t talking to you…

  2. 100th

  3. vita

  4. 5000- nice videos..

  5. 5000-Sweet man!

  6. also, i still don’t get it, will you give us a download for it? or
    something else? i’m very confused

  7. Cool design, guys. All Things Apple Giveaway

  8. u are too cool 😀

  9. Give Me – flip minooo :D! i want it real bad 😛

  10. haha yeah definatley

  11. I request a psp vita please! :) Chia Vita Pita

  12. subbed!

  13. “All Things Apple Giveaway”

  14. 100th

  15. Great idea!


  17. @johnyrockshell yes we will give a dowload

  18. thank you for your thoughts, but we have had several people design icons
    and backgrounds for us, and thought it would be a good idea to try. you are
    the only person to consider this “spam”. how is this spam? we are something
    to the community, not requesting that you guys make us stuff.

  19. lol i probably can too

  20. 100th

  21. Hi: very good idea!! GREETINGS & GOOD LUCK :)

  22. 5000- awesome!!!!!!

  23. u guys are lame and gay, You did not impress me whatsover plz dont let your
    friend spam us so that we can watch this lame video come on man, its 2010
    get with the program, I can teach you many things that will make your head
    spin. Anyways dont spam your channel plz

  24. its been 1 1/5 months

  25. go away….hes doing a favor not you…

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