Free Windows 8 Start Screen Customizer

My first YouTube video/tutorial. How to change your Windows 8 Start Screen Background! A lot of you are irritated that Microsoft limited you to their basic 256 Color Palette backgrounds with…


  1. both links are broken

    dislik time hehe 3:)

  2. Thanks for yur help man =D !!!! NICE CAR (y)

  3. hay whr did u get the wall pic coool bro
    reply me with url bro

  4. Doesn’t work, when I click ‘apply’ it doesn’t do anything. What do I do,
    I’m not paying to put a picture on my start screen.

  5. I download and install this program and when I click apply and save it dont
    apply wallpaper do you know what to do??

  6. nice car man . Dodge dart 2

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