From 3D Scanner to 3D Printer on Windows 8.1

Full story: In this video Gavin Gear gives a demonstration of 3D scanning and 3D printing on Windows 8.1 using the new MakerBot Digitiz…
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  1. i cant dowload windows 8.1, if i try it will restart and say that it failed

  2. So… He duplicated a object? Not many notice how crazy technology is
    getting, and Windows 8.1 makes using it so much easier!

  3. As soon as this combo (Scanner + printer) is below 1000€, I’ll be getting a

  4. I don’t see why these 3d printers are so expensive. A $1000 for a few
    motors. Hardware on those printers can’t be more than $150 all together. I
    see a future where people will just send things through these printers
    instead of Postal Service or UPS.

  5. #nifty 3D printing support on Windows 8.1

  6. 5th comment :D

  7. the printer 3d are the dream yet.

  8. Nice advert. Can i get a 3D version of a Lambo Sesto Elemento and will it
    drive like a real one?

  9. cool!!

  10. The most fascinating technical innovation in this time in my opinion. Can’t
    wait until it’s possible to print some simple cpu’s and such stuff.

  11. why windows have a youtube channel when they hate google?

  12. I guess the scanning should be done overnight :)

  13. It wont take long until phones will be capable of doing the scanning and
    the printers will be much cost friendly… My only hope is that Microsoft
    will soon stop playing catch-up with competitors and actually begin to
    innovate in these directions. Also, relying on the monoply of Windows is
    something Microsoft has done in vain. Operating systems wont be items to be
    sold for long and free OS’ such as Ubuntu or Android are gaining more and
    more users each day, as they’re capable of providing the users with equal
    (or in many cases, better) experience. I didn’t mean this comment to be a
    rant, but oh well – long live Microsoft.

  14. it’s awesome how people can make a gun with those thing

  15. +Windows i’m getting a Acer chormebook c7 and i’m wondering.does it run
    windows 8.1?

  16. When this is more commercialized it will be so useful to be able to take a
    broken toy put some glue to hold it in place and scan it then print, paint
    and re-assemble. 

  17. hi

  18. 5D Pringtin Support? Haha! :D

  19. awesome

  20. That is incredible, it is amazing how people are smart enough to do these
    things. I know I can’t…

  21. Impressive!

  22. Amazing

  23. Awesome!

  24. :)

  25. This sort of printing take about 1hr. .. the show that at 1000 times speed.

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