Getting Started with the FlashForge Creator X: Replicator G on Windows (3D Universe)

3D Universe is pleased to present this comprehensive multi-part getting started tutorial for the FlashForge Creator X 3D printer. For the entire playlist of …
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  1. ok I did reset,( nothing) I was printing fine with the sailfish that was
    already on the pro and the replicatorg for windows, I have been printing
    for about 3 days now. tried to print bird in cage again this will be the
    3rd time (other 2 perfect) and now it prints way to the right of the
    center, and I don’t know how to get it back to the center or what happened.
    didn’t touch anything different for it to change. and when it does print to
    the right not even a circle to start the cage. hummm very confused. tried
    to get help online nothing that is why I come to you guys very
    knowledgeable thanks. and sorry.

  2. on you video 19.06 the screen with the homing, I printed the bird in cage
    before and it came out perfect, don’t know what i push but my jog mode has
    numbers now can’t get it to zero. printing way off. plz help to reset back
    to zero. thank you

  3. most annoying mouse ever =)

  4. Thank you. I just bought Creator Pro, and your clip is
    really really helpful.

  5. How to make the second extruder prints the support material?

  6. ok I will try them thanks.

  7. I hope these are the same settings as for the pro, which I am getting ready
    to get as your videos are awesome and very clear thank you. plz let me know
    if this is for pro version also thanks..

  8. can you tell me why I am not getting the generate gcode screen like yours

  9. My son figured it out for me thanks again….

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