GIMP tutorials photo editing – Background Removal GIMP 2.6 tutorial for beginners – Background Removal. This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to remove the background from an image….


  1. Its amazing how frustrated I get when not getting these things to work. Im
    at the edge of throwing the monitor out of the window! And I see myself as
    a calm person.

  2. Excellent video,congratulations on the clarity and economy of explanation.

  3. Finding the layers, paths…. tab you have set up on the right is where
    I’ve been stuck for weeks of watching this. Toggling between removing the
    background layer without those options has proved “impossible”.

  4. excellent, thank you.

  5. Very clear tutorial, nice to listen to aswell. Thanks for this!

  6. Never thought it could be that simple Thanks a lot. 100%

  7. This is the right way to do a tutorial! Clear accurate no mumbling no
    cursor flashing everywhere … what a change from so much stuff on so
    called tutorials well done ! and thank you 

  8. Thank you so much for this!

  9. You are AWESOME!!! So easy to follow!! Thank you!

  10. Nice one, intelligently explained in detail,step by step.

  11. Very clearly explained. Thank you.

  12. Thank you! Amazing tutorial! 

  13. Thank you so much. 

  14. Great!!! Thank you.

  15. Thank you slow enough to see what you clicked and the view was readable to
    see what the buttons looked like…not like some I have tried to learn from
    again Gret and clear instruction vidio WATCH THIS ONE!

  16. omg thank you this helped me so much i could figure out how to make an
    image transparent and you saved me

  17. This was UNBELIEVABLY helpful! Thank you so much for this.

  18. Very useful video. thanks!!

  19. Thank you – a great tutorial! What about removing background when there is
    no brightness contrast between backgrounds and foregrounds? Is there any
    simple method to do it especially with a hairy contour similar to the
    example from this tutorial?

  20. Thank you sir, excellent tutorial.

  21. Thanks for sharing! You make it look so easy :)

  22. Where is your tutorial on how to repast that image onto a new background?

  23. how do I alternate between 2 images I’m cropping and layering on gimp , for
    instance I upload one image and crop it then I open another image as a
    layer and crop that how do I go back to the original image? 

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