Hands on with Movie Moments for Windows Phone 8.1

We’ve been playing with Microsoft’s video editing app, Movie Moments, and we think many of you are going to like it. In just a few steps, it turns your video…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. The day after I sold my 920 lol cool 

  2. Great video, Im waiting for more presentations like this one :)

  3. Hhhhhhhh ,,, why you sold it ?@JacoXCIV

  4. Only 1 caption per movie is allowed?

  5. Can’t share on Instagram … Kills the purpose for me .. .”

  6. its is just like nokia video trimmer

  7. Not to Be rude but the Nokia n73 had a better video editing app.. And it
    whas standard..

  8. Share to instagram please

  9. Its not available for Nokia Lumina 929

  10. its a shame you cannot use the music for a certain amount of time e.g. for
    when you use the caption. music plays throughout the whole video

  11. Awesome! I want it.

  12. Wow.

  13. cool app !

  14. 2:18 Heral Square? hhhmmm

  15. nice for the starter
    should be more improvement

  16. how do you blur the background but keep the phone in focus like in the

  17. Gooo Microsoft, the next big thing.

  18. Awesome

  19. Genial…ojalá pronto microsoft también incorpore un editor de videos al
    estilo de movie maker para windows phone y windows 

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