Hands on with the first update to Windows Phone 8.1

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  1. windows phone 8.1 is awesome

  2. Still no 8.1 update in Russia. I even downgraded to WP 8.0 and there is no
    8.1 to my Lumia 1520… I don’t want to install developers preview again,
    so for now im using Nexus 5 and waiting for the WP 8.1 to come out.

  3. I have developer preview installed on my Lumia 820. Am I going to get this
    update? I have not used the phone for the last 3 months or so. If update is
    available then I will open the coffin that contains the 820. Please advise.

  4. Wow Windows phone os is really lacking. This is their huge update? Yuck!

  5. Don’t forget that you can change the size of the folder as well!! The Live
    Folders part of the update was a huuuuuge thing for me, and having used it
    for about a day now- DAMN! Its so well implemented!

  6. What Google+ app do you use?

  7. the best thing in this update has to be Cortana

  8. why i can not update my lumia 920on WP8.1??

  9. cyanogenmod users number is bigger than windows phone users how do u think
    this is even a contestant 

  10. will the lumia 920 get the update???

  11. “App Folder” already does this job in WP8. I imagine the “notification
    centre” will affect users the most. I wonder how much more like the others
    it will become!

  12. lumia sucks

  13. Do people use Socl?!!!

  14. Very good, the most in-depth coverage (so far) I’ve seen.

  15. WP8.1 is easily the best OS.

  16. Really excellent review!

  17. Hey guys. Im thinking of buying the nokia lumia 1020 i live in denmark
    (europe) but is the windows phone 8.1 update put for europe yet? And if so
    are we gonna get the cortana?

  18. when will it be available on lumia 520 in India

  19. Windows phone sucks, bring back the start menu aholes

  20. My whates app not working ???

  21. Well, they’re releasing the next update when most of us don’t even have
    8.1. Still, this update looks great.

  22. Is it ou for Lumia 520

  23. Does it affect battery life? 

  24. boring os 

  25. microsoft ruin they repution it self. unlike google. they just got NEXUS.
    microsoft got lumia.
    nexus until now just 5 model.
    lumia ??? above 5 model right.

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