HD Dreamscene Animated rotating earth Space Wallpaper

Edited in After Effects for my desktop background. I downloaded the HD rotating earth from this video: youtube.com/watch?v=ah_gXnjjdk4 I Downloade…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. hi bro! Nice work. just i wanted to say that, there’s a very nice program
    to convert videos to any format, since HD or wmv… that program is
    Xilisoft converter ultimate 6… I cracked the serial number i dont
    remember the site… but just look at this with google… Thanks and good

  2. anyone: a litle hand how can you make this run on the background of
    windows? very cool

  3. @dzikputih What are you talking about! It’s amazing as a desktop background
    or for projection work. Looks great whilst your playing music. The original
    file’s cool but isn’t the right resolution. Your comment, is what I call

  4. i need the line of mw2 plss

  5. hmmmm i just expecting to see modern warfare 2 pop out of those lines!

  6. it dont works for me :/

  7. the blue line is from mw2

  8. how to make wmv file as Windows 7 desktop background ?

  9. @SuperGamz Not sure if it’s still relevant, but make sure you set your
    desktop background as Solid black before setting the dreamscene file as
    your background, That will stop all the problems with font, and odd looking
    icons on your desktop.

  10. I’m making a background but I need to know a few things about looping. Do I
    personally have to loop the footage or when I add this to the background,
    will it auto loop for me?

  11. 4096×2304, Holy shit, who’s got a desktop that big! Nice work, by the way.
    I love it!

  12. Can i download pre made wallpapers like this anywhere?

  13. @SuperGamz u can fix that, is very easy actually. just google it.

  14. Wow they even have a setting thats higher than 1080p!! now THAT is HD

  15. u can download in mp4 format and then change it to .wma format by renaming

  16. @SuperGamz not only u, it’s normal. Icons with dreamscene was bugged, use
    Rocket dock or somethink…

  17. That is fuckin amazing, something so simple looks beautiful. cool vid dude,

  18. Use Allok 3gp psp iphone ipod converter im sure its good

  19. @elasticrubberband123 thanks dude worked fine was still a bit pixelated
    when i downloaded in 1080p but meh it works and iv found some free
    conversion software it does a few cool things hear is the sight i actually
    just searched in mp4 to wmv convert but this is the url:

  20. @SuperGamz I have a program I threw together to help fix that if you are

  21. Can you tell me how to download that beam ? And if it works on rainmeter ?
    I mean ? It’s an version .ini for rainmeter XD. thanks

  22. The invention of animated wallpapers is amazing.

  23. great :)

  24. Awesome, I love Dreamscene. Ive been ripping HD vids as backgrounds from
    youtube but this is custom, love it mate! * * * * *

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