Honest Stories: Helena’s Lenovo Yoga 11s

Helena Stone shares her story and how she uses her Lenovo Yoga 11s with the new Windows. msft.it/lenovo-yoga-11s.
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  1. i love yoga pro 2 best laptop 2013

  2. Windows 8 is the best. In fact, if you are intelligent, is the only choice.

  3. A few months ago, Microsoft followed me around for a day-in-a-life segment
    and now it’s live! 

  4. I can’t work on a 11 inch screen sorry

  5. Yes it’s great even fantastic and awesome. but it just costs me too many

  6. wordpress

  7. Windows 8 is the shit, but 8.1 still needs a ton of work

  8. Maybe it’s an honest story from helena side, but it’s far from honest from
    Microsoft side.

    If they where honest with us, they would choose random people and let them
    decide between a Windows tablet and an android tablet or an ipad.

    By the way I love Windows 8 on my desktop :) 

  9. Now i have a same way working out of the office … its true what she say

  10. thought Helen was going to do yoga :(

  11. Wow, lenovo ♡.♡

  12. That ginger fits with the orange laptop.

  13. @ATCRyderX You sure you have used Windows 8? Cause if you have, then you
    would know that Windows 8, it’s basically Windows 7, with a new look, and
    feeling, but keeping the productivity -_-

  14. sorry, but still waiting for Windows 9!

  15. That dog is beyond adorable. 

  16. no geek uses IE to make websites 

  17. Honest Comment – I don’t like Windows 8 and never will so unless Microsoft
    allows it’s users to choose GUI then I doubt I will ever be using Windows
    again. If I have to relearn an operating system I would rather get Apple.

  18. its a good thing what MS is doing! better then that android google fuck!
    but, apple has that before and its eazier to use, flexible with updating,
    better hardware and a better homescreen :-)
    1. Apple iCloud
    2. Microsoft if it has to b
    3. ? nothing 

  19. Great. Now ask customers on the street how happy they are. Oh right they
    don’t say HELLA ITS GREAT because they don’t get payed and telling the

  20. Hey, Android users, yeah Apple users too. YOU CAN SUCK OUR MOTHERFUCKIN

  21. What the heck are you talking about MS is trying to get people to buy their
    tablets not an ipad or android.. samething can be said about the both of

  22. Good thing there is a desktop UI on Windows 8 too.

  23. amigos do youtube,,o windows 8 e uma merda não fale apena compremos ,,,,,,,

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