How To Activate Windows 8.1 (Blue).

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Question by Vinay S Choudannanavar: Windows 8…what’s wrong with it..?
Windows 8 is so beautiful OS….better than those xp,vista and 7…but many websites criticise W8..
Initially I too felt some prblm as there was no Start Button, but there is a Metro UI Start Screen with tiles..its awesome…
I even read that DELL is saying that the customers are downgrading from W8 to W7..and that the sales of W8 PCs are not much satisfactory…I enjoy using W8…and you..??
What do u think is wrong with this OS version..?

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Answer by kamquatdude
well my friends dont like w8 because they say its too “different and confusing”

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  1. Yeah I realized that after I uploaded it, Lol.

  2. You forgot to mention that users have to change from *Windows Vista* to *Windows 8 / Professional* in *Product Key* tab when they run *Microsoft Toolkit*.
    Btw, it works, thanks a lot :)

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  4. so this is the full version that will last forever?

  5. thans its working and win 8.1 prewiew beutiful than win8 and thans again

  6. Hey guy! I buy a new laptop and it setup win8-signle language(HD GPT-boot UEFI).Sometimes I want run a program (only run on win7). So I want setup win7 (dual boot). I have tried many ways but failed. May you help me about this problem. You can pm me on yahoo: tulanhsieucap_sieusach@yahoo.c­ Thank you very much! ( sorry about my english).

  7. I never tested it but I don’t think it will work since Windows RT was built upon ARM architecture, I don’t think it will work on those processors.

  8. Should this work for windows rt?? If not is there a way to update winrt to winrtblue or 8.1?

  9. Use the key from this video: /watch?v=r_muV5STkcc

  10. no activated sir plz halp me


  11. Hey guy! I buy a new laptop and it setup win8-signle language(HD GPT-boot UEFI).Sometimes I want run a program (only run on win7). So I want setup win7 (dual boot). I have tried many ways but failed. May you help me about this problem. You can pm me on yahoo: Thank you very much! ( sorry about my english).

  12. Yes you can.

  13. after activated, can I update windows or not?

  14. Yes it should.

  15. does it work on win blue build 9374?

  16. Yes I believe so.

  17. Thanks i was waiting for it buti have a question , can this toolkit activate the normal Windows 8 Pro too ? not the W8.1 the W8 and thanks again .

  18. I just know where to look, thanks, and to be honest it took me then then 2 hours to find this.

  19. How do you find out all this stuff man?! You’re like one of the ultimate Windows leakers, lol
    Thanks much, been waiting since it was originally leaked!!

  20. Thanks!

  21. nice work

  22. It’s on my other video. /watch?v=r_muV5STkcc

  23. Could you give me links of windows blue plz. And I also wana know its full window I mean all its features or working. Bcoz last time I downloaded and some of pages of under construction?

  24. I too like the windows eight. But people will resist change, and they are not willing to get used to it and Learn how fast it is. It is because all of the other windows OS were almost the same design. This on gets rid of the old setup so people don’t like. It. They will learn someday. It is a great os

  25. The biggest problem is that they needlessly changed windows in ways that directly affected workflow.
    I personally see it as regression.

  26. It is designed for tablets and laptops with touch screens. People without a touch screen must take extra steps to perform the same functions as they do in Windows 7. For those who aren’t real happy with Windows 8, Microsoft will be releasing Windows 8.1 in late June. They are being kink of secretive about it but you can read the announcement at the link below.

  27. I like the tiles too. They put all my most used programs a single click away and I can pin a ton more programs than I ever could on the task bar and they’re large enough that I don’t feel like I’m cluttering everything up like it would if I tried to do the same thing on my desktop using icons.

    Anywho, sales of PC were predicted to take a tumble before Windows 8 was released. Some were overly optimistic that Windows 8 would turn the tide but blamed Microsoft when it didn’t.

    A massive problem with Windows 8 is that Microsoft fully expected people to just “get” the new interface. There’s this really unhelpful tutorial about pulling open the charms bar when a new user account is first signed in. I know know about anyone else, but by the time I got signed in for the first time, I had completely forgotten about the charms bar.

    People using new laptops with Windows 8 can be especially confounded by the app switching gesture. Swiping from outside the left side of the trackpad toward the center will switch the screen to the last used app or the start screen. If you didn’t know about the new gestures then it would seem like Windows was acting on its own for no reason at all.

    So I hope they do a better job of user training in the 8.1 update because it is badly needed to help users acclimate to the new interface.

    Other than the start screen there’s really nothing wrong with Windows 8. The OS is stable and compatible with most everything that’s been released over the past 5 years and even stuff older than that.

    – Dominic

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