How to Activate windows 8.1 on your PC for Free with Proof

Hey youtubers and this tutorial video is on activating your Windows 8.1 for free with proof at the end. We are going to use a program called KMSpico v9.1.3. …


  1. thx bro for sharing these great stuff

  2. the only person in youtube that don’t share fake things

  3. Hey bro could u plz find me solution

    I cabt use the wifi from my computer

  4. Thanks a lot 

  5. Bossman which OS do you use?

    I went back to w7 after having the failure w8 for a while. Would you
    recommend I get w8.1 update?

  6. works perfectly

  7. Great stuff mate love your work

  8. I downloaded it and installed it but the problem is my wireless function
    isnt working and the on-off button of ut is hidden

    Plz bossman elliot i want help

    Plz i cant use the wrless function

    And thanks 

  9. thnks bossman… u’r great… ^_^ :D

  10. definitely showed me what i needed. thanks bro.

  11. why are you so fucking awesome man

  12. thank you bossmanelliot

  13. hey BossMan elliot. can you give me another link to download the KMSpico
    v9.1.3 file. the proxybay is blocked. 

  14. Dude if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what to do

  15. thanks bro

  16. Finally a working solution! Thank you!

  17. Your awesome !

  18. Grand salute for u sir

  19. nice tuto thanks

  20. i cant get it to update any ideas ?

  21. it worked i will sub

  22. it doesn;t want to connect with the service.. how can i download the
    kmspico file

  23. Grand salute for u sir

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