How To Activate Windows 8.1 Pro. (Build 9600)

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  1. It says i was a victim of piracy! wtf!!!!?????

  2. Error Code: 0xC004C003
    Error Description: The Activation server determined the specified product
    key has been blocked

    What should I do? Windows8TMHacks help me :)

  3. Its working!!!

  4. Ok i forgot to place all of my homework on my USB Fuck nooo im sooo lost :(

  5. Help me pls homie mahmut durur add me facebook

  6. Wow! It worked thanks Bro!! Respect from Canada!

  7. good job!

  8. will this work for single language

  9. it says i can’t activate windows by phone
    Please HELP!!!!!!

  10. your download link it not working

  11. Thx, i will probly try, i got some error, but its a trial version i use, so
    i wait to it is done! But still thanks great work bro! :)

  12. what the fuck…

  13. Thank You very much this fucking works i cant believe it awesome!!!!!

  14. aahahahahha lmfao what has Skype got to do with the activation of windows
    key ? wow some ppl just want to make such a complicated vid 4nothing ….
    bottom line its to much usless info u don’t use Skype to activate

    have a good day

  15. Except for now when I go to activate it by phone and type slui 4 and hit
    enter it says
    Can’t active windows by phone
    Contact our system administrator for more info.
    Can anyone help me with this error?

  16. when i call from skype it says “you have not enought credit to call “…
    what to do now?? 


  18. Tnx work :)

  19. I’ve tried everything …. still nothing . I installed Windows 8.1 on my
    actually laptop … not in VMware ….. and i’m scared ! HELP .

  20. IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE, make sure when you type the code in the command
    prompt you type slmgr.vbs -ipk before the huge product key but make sure
    there is a space after “slmgr.vbs -ipk” So it should look like this
    slmgr.vbs -ipk XXXXX-XXXXX-Random Numbers. This is what helped me.

  21. really nice MAN………!!!!!!!!! (Y)

  22. Can i change to anathor country

  23. Will this work for windows 8, not windows 8.1?

  24. I updated to windows 8.1 for free and now every 10 minutes it tells me to
    activate it and I cant set any backrounds that aren’t default nor any other
    personalisation stuff

  25. good

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