How to Block Internet Access to Programs Using Windows Firewall (Windows 8,7,Vista)

In this video Salik, will show you how to block a certain application from having access to the internet. Facebook: Firewall block communication Inbound…
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  1. worked perfect, now I can enjoy thousands of dollars worth of software for
    zero dollars

  2. You dirty pirate hooker, you’re awesome.

  3. with the adobe apps, do you need to block outgoing as well or is it only
    important to block the incoming?

  4. Some tutorials are hard to follow, yours is not one of those hard to follow

  5. I Liked the video.

    Because this was HUGE help for me in (ehem) good problem solving I will
    give you a tip to become even more popular (at least this video):
    Add in Tags: Action Mirillis1.2
    Idea: Make a video where it shows that you install Action Mirillis 1.2,
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    Good luck!

  6. Thanks mate ;)

  7. thank you can you do a tutorial of how to get adobe after effects?

  8. So if you had a 7 day trial for a kindle app textbook, and you didn’t want
    that counter counting down, but this didn’t APPEAR to work, how exactly
    would you proceed?

  9. Is it sad that the reason that I’m blocking firewall is because of….. The
    last segment

  10. Nice video man. Great wallpaper by the way :)

  11. Really helpful!! Thank you so much

  12. Good work mate 


  14. awesome,I really liked d wallpaper

  15. Yeah ! Pirates Life hahahah XD

  16. “I buy all my adobe products!” Said no one….ever!

  17. Hey!, I have a little problem, Adobe PS asks me to sign in or else my
    program will stop wprking. I’ve done what you did in this video already

  18. Thanks a boatload for this!

  19. Hey man thank you soooo much .you are a great man .

  20. Pirates life

  21. lol, one of those Adobe. Good choice mate. 

  22. very helpful vid.. Awesome.

  23. That was the first one i understood…lol……..thanks m8

  24. Really useful! Thanks man.

  25. I use lot of pirated copies of different softwares, some of them employ
    services and exe.s which are spy and convey our IP address to their
    respective servers to watermark us. Theses services are many in no. and
    hard to identify and start automatically during booting. Somehow it’s not
    possible to create separate blocking rules for each of them. Instead how
    e.g. if I use internet only for browsing through a browser firefox other
    than pirated apps, wouldn’t it’s nice to allow only firefox?
    Pls. guide me to do so.

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