How to change the language on Windows Phone 8.1

Have you ever held a Windows Phone device 8.1 with a language you didn’t understand? Perhaps you purchased a device overseas, or someone accidentally changed your settings. I tried setting…
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  1. thank you for the video, just have a question. How do you download
    additional language keyboards? Might wont start 

  2. how to uninstall downloaded language?

  3. When I add a new language, there is no option to restart the phone. Also,
    the option to delete the language I *don’t* want is greyed-out. I’ve done
    everything in this video, and restarted manually; no luck

  4. I can change the regional format or add a language but cannot make it the
    “Phone Language”. What could be the problem?
    Could it be some setting disabled by AT&T even though the phone is

  5. Is there a way to keep the phone in english (or any other language) AND to
    type in another language?
    Ex: Phone set in english, but to type in japanese and english, “at the same
    time”? (Without the need to restart the phone every time I want to type in
    a different language)


  6. Willian Ferreira go to settings of your phone, and then go to keyboard.
    Click add keyboards and choose the language. After that you need to
    download this language and restart your phone. To change the keyboard
    language anytime just click the button between &123 and smile face (on
    keyboard of course) (when you have English enabled there will be ENG on
    this button). Sorry for writing like that but I can’t reply to your comment
    (ikd why).

  7. Lumia 535

  8. Windows Phone needs icons settings!!!

  9. thank you so mutch

  10. it is the dumbest thing i ever saw. what if is a new phone and i don’t have
    other windows phone?

  11. Muita coragem pra usar o celular em chinês kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk linguagem

  12. I have Lumia 625, I want change my phone. Is it Lumia 535 good choice?

  13. 繁体 中文!Traditional Chinese!

  14. @Willian Ferreira Change the keyboard, that should do what you want.

  15. Very helpful… :-)

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