How to change windows 8.1/8 font

Here’s a simple tutorial to change windows 8.1/8 FONT!!! Please read the description Link to windows 8.1/8 font changer : Link to my fon…


  1. Song is great!

  2. finnaly thanks man i can finaly use my equestria font WOOOHOOO

  3. Don’t get me wrong, the program certainly works, but for me I just couldn’t
    find a font I was comfortable with, I was trying to find a font that was
    small but readable, and that wouldn’t put spaces between icons anywhere.
    And I tested several small fonts and it looked terrible every time. It may
    work for other people but for me it doesn’t seem to be useful in the sense
    that I can’t find a “perfect” font that actually is compatible with

  4. wow!!! awesome , thanks!!!!! i subscribed and liked :)

  5. Like for song ! :D

  6. Yeah, no. I’m not downloading dick.

  7. Only some of my pc’s fonts changed.?

  8. y dislike it? it worked perfectly! thank you!

  9. works fine !! thnks

  10. it works.thanks dude.nice work.

  11. DangAwesomeShit. Worked. :) ThanksLots.

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