How to Change Windows 8 Start Screen Background Wallpaper Image – Easily

In this video you will see how to change Windows 8.1 start screen background. The wallpaper is easy to customize and change. Windows 8.1 lets you do it for F…
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  1. uhm sorry i cant find “personalize” in my computer win 8.0

  2. when i click on personalize the control panel pop ups T_T help please 

  3. Spent 13287 hours searching for this video all because I couldn’t describe
    what I was looking for. Life. Saver. 

  4. Mine doesn’t show navigation

  5. thank you

  6. Thanks. helped.

  7. i have a super computer but it lags some reason

  8. You can’t add your own photo to the start screen that isn’t your desktop?

  9. thxxx man that help me

  10. thank you for this!!!!! i had a issue finding the new setting!!!

  11. Thanks! It is very useful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. woooooo

  13. half worked. I don’t get the same personalization options but was able to
    set the start screen to match my background. Thanks for rescuing my
    Booo 8.1

  14. Thanks! :)

  15. Thanks a lot, I was suffering.

  16. When I go to the side menu, “Personalization” comes up instead of
    “Personalize”. Personalization takes me to the Control Panel menu. I can’t
    seem to find where I can personalize the start menu color. All I get to
    personalize is the Lock Screen and the desktop background. My windows has
    already been activated, but I’m not sure why this is happening. Any ideas?

  17. i dont have the navigation section help

  18. love you nick!!!!!!!
    thanx alott

  19. Thank you <3

  20. Why the fuck can’t you upload your own image to the start screen ? bitches

  21. thanks dear

  22. thank you. i have been puzzling my brain and crazy researching for this.
    thank you again. 

  23. Ugh users can’t actually use a custom background for the Win 8.1 start
    screen. They can use premade ones or the desktop background.
    Day 3 looking for software that can let me add a custom background to
    Windows 8.1 (Win8 software that did this isn’t compatible, Google search
    filled with bloggers and news reports talking about Win8.1 changes to the
    start screen. What a nightmare). 

  24. Nice, thanks.

  25. I installed windows 8.1 but when I press personalisation I dont get that
    extended menu with the colors. Please help.

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