How to Configure Samba for File Sharing with Windows: Linux Server Training 101 Learn how to configure a Red Hat or CentOS Linux server running version 6.x to share files and printer…

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  1. New video: How to configure #Samba for file sharing in #Linux #RedHat #CentOS #Windows

  2. Is there a way to use the local /etc/passwd file instead of having to
    create samba specific accounts? I do this on the Solaris Samba server I’m
    using now but am not sure how it is done on RHEL v6.

  3. your videos are as great as your book. Thanks so much for sharing and God

  4. Hi Don,
    Your videos are fantastic! Very straight forward and easy to follow.
    Thank you for putting in the time and effort to release these!

    I’ve spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t access any of my
    shares and when I did the ‘setenfoce 0’ command it solved my problem.
    You’re awesome!

  5. I am using centos 6,5. After I change word from mygroup to The name I
    entered I cannot go to line 101. WHat is the problem please?

  6. New video: How to configure #Samba for file sharing in #Linux #RedHat #CentOS #Windows

  7. Great Video. You are clear and easy to follow. You even provide small
    tidbits like the line number in vi. You learn something new every day.
    Thanks a lot, keep the videos coming

  8. sir thank you for posting this video ……good teaching

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