How To Connect Your Printer To Your Network

In this video I show you step-by-step how to connect a network capable printer to your network. We’ll configure the ip address, install the software and prin…


  1. Perfect video explanation , I become to a new fan, thanks a lot

  2. why change the IP address? I think you lost just about eveyone in spewing
    out numbers for IPs and Gateways. At least explain why you are doing what
    you are doing

  3. Great Video Adira! I look forward to more of your tutorials.

  4. She made an insensitive joke about putting “a bunch of socks” “in your
    pants.” h ttp : / /w ww .olapic. com /info /request-demo SENDGRID phone
    number 303-552-0653

  5. Beautiful eyes, God Bless…..

  6. Very professional Adria, nice video, and some good advice!

  7. good job

  8. @des8893 Thank you! A lot of work and planning went into the video. I
    seriously love the closeups of of the hardware. Maybe next time…sound

  9. WTF? lol

  10. Very nice video, very simple steps, r u single? cause if you are then I can
    learn so much from you,,i mean,, regarding networks :)

  11. @edmundrojas holla!

  12. It is a great demo…keep it up

  13. well done

  14. @graynaturalhair Thank you! Glad you like it! I’ll be trying out more
    locations in 2012 for videos so stay tuned. Your support and feedback is
    super helpful and appreciated!

  15. my canon mp495 prints and scans and everything wirelessly, but when i scan
    i can only print the scanned image, i cannot view the scanned image on the
    screen…… do i locate my scanned image so i can send it off via
    email?? is there a program for it since it calls itself a xerox
    workcentrePRO scanner, ….also i can send pics to the printer to print
    out, that works fine too.

  16. Long time no see! Welcome back!

  17. hi thanks for the video but i have ricoh 3035 i try to do same but not
    working pls i need help

  18. @adriarichards, if you had of set the printer to auto I.P. config instead
    of manually I.P. config on the network what would have been the difference?

  19. @petluv214 Thank you! I’m excited to be working on the series with Dell.

  20. hay where do u get all the address at like the IP address and Subnet mask
    and the default gateway address?..

  21. Please continue to make videos like this I really enjoy them and most
    importantly need them!!!!!!!

  22. Amazing Adria! I was debating on this printer from the Dell website a month
    ago. Since I saw your demonstration and how easy it was to configure it, I
    now own it! Works like a charm. Just going to upgrade the memory to the
    maximum because I normally start doing more after I buy any type of
    technology from the basic usage.

  23. @foshow38 thanks so much!

  24. To day on techtv we are doing advanced calcul…. printing.

  25. k so thats how you network a printer via ethernet but how do i network a
    printer for use with 2 pcs that only has a usb connection?

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