How to create a bootable Windows 8.1 USB

For more info see If my video helps you please like it. This video will show you how to create a Bootable Windows 8.1 USB. For this gu…
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  1. when i try the last step when you put XCOPY H:*.* F: /E /H /F it tells me
    that [ invalid drive specification ] for me its D and G drive any input
    would help thanks

  2. Hey im building my own pc how should i get windows 8.1

  3. Nice tutorial but I need some help, I am buying a windows 8.1 pro product
    key so how to i use it . Do i do it the same way? Thanks

  4. how do i activate

  5. Question: the final cmd that you have listed in the notepad is a little
    confusing. what if we don’t have a new volume drive? for example, I only
    have my main c drive and the usb formatted thumb drive. I’m using windows

  6. I keep getting “The Target Volume does not support symbolic links. :/ What
    did I do wrong? 

  7. The guy at FutureShop told me that I need a 32 GB thumb drive. Is this not

  8. Excellent tutorial! I had to do some customization in the drive section
    where there are switches, but other that it was perfect. Thank you so much!

  9. i’m having the blue screen and it doesn’t want to boot always giving me the
    repair screen then the blue screen
    will that help ?

  10. this is a great vid. but it says the cd key isn’t good for this versions of

  11. When I get to 15:33 I put in all the settings etc. (Including serial) then
    I go to install and it tells me to take out my USB and restart and let
    Windows boot up normally then put in the USB. I need help… (Boots up
    Windows 8 and doesn’t start installer for 8.1)

  12. Thank You – You helped a lot and the tutorial was really easy to follow.
    Thumbs up and another subscriber to you!

  13. I am having issues downloading Windows 8.1 to my Mac OS X 10.9.1, I just
    installed Mavericks. I keep getting a error message when trying to create
    my USB for support files. The USB stick is formatted as the MS-Fat. I have
    a Windows 8.1 disc which I purchased from Microsoft. I am at a loss.

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