How to Create a Windows 8.1/8 USB Boot Drive

How to Create a Windows 8.1/8 USB Boot Drive…
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  1. Should I get usb 3.0 or 2.0? Or does it even matter? Please reply! Does 3.0
    make the install any faster?!

  2. if my c drive is more than 8 gb (approx. 40GB), then Can I Use 8GB flash

  3. Its Great …. Can you show us ….How to create system image of windows
    8.1 ?????

  4. no it won’t, saver to go with an 8GB drive

  5. Great guide! Question: i have a 3,7gb flash drive, and my win 8.1 i
    download is 3,6gb. Will my pen be enough?

  6. Great, one question does it has to be a 2.0 usb drive or could it also be a
    3.0 usb drive?

  7. Good vid

  8. Does all USB drives work with this tool, or it has to be compliant with any
    specification? I have Kingston DTSE9 16 GB , will it work? Also, can we use
    an external hard disk? Can we select any particular partition from the hard
    disk and make it bootable? Thanks! :)

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