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Question by muchluv4pets: Can someone please answer a few questions about recovering my computer?
Hi, I have been having issues with my Dell desktop for some time, and then to top it all off recently I got hundreds of trojans, adware, and malware due to a virus I got while on Facebook. A friend of my mother’s who knows computers came by to look at my computer. He said there is still a virus on it so my computer will need to be wiped out and recovered. He left saying he was going to come back to do all this. We paid him $ 40 up front, to this day we have not heard back from him and he won’t return my calls. SO, after calling Dell, they told me how I can recover my computer myself. Now, I have never done anything like this before. 1: Is it easy to do? I have already saved everything I need off of my computer so I have nothing to lose. But, when I went to Best Buy the other day, I was told if I do actually have a virus that my picture and document files might also be corrupted. This could be potentially devastating to me because ALL of my children’s pictures were on there! I have learned the hard way and now have everything saved on 2 separate flash drives (in case 1 breaks). 2: If my picture or document files ARE corrupted, how do I find out myself? 3: Can they be fixed if they are corrupted? I was also told at Best Buy that recovering my computer might not get rid of the virus (don’t know if that’s true or not). I have been waiting to get this fixed so I can hook up my webcam and chat with my husband who is in Iraq, but I don’t want to install anything else unless this problem is fixed. I would appreciate so much if someone has any info they can share.

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Answer by icouldntthinkofagoodid
do a system recovery. when your computer starts up on one of the screens it will say hit a key to do different setups or something…hit f10 and follow the directions usually takes around an hour all problems solved, thats what they will do if you take it to best buy, radio shack or any other computer repair place.

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  1. I am getting an error message when I am trying to install trial version of
    symantec ghost on my windows 7 home premium. 

  2. what about sysprep, do you need it?

  3. can you image multiple computer with different images at the same time?
    Nice video btw!

  4. Can I use these steps to create Ghost file of Windows 8?

  5. Thanks for this valuable video. could you please help me on creating the CD
    that shown inside the Video (You labeled it “Symantec Ghost – Universal
    Packet Drivers DHCP”)?

  6. nice

  7. Hi
    can I use the ghost image and ghost my PC without a need of another
    computer if u know what I mean?

  8. Half the time using Dell support, you get some dip sh-t from India that doesn’t know his -ss from a hole in the ground! Try this?

    (Easy Step By Step Directions)

    (Note) If you don’t have a taskbar? Hit Ctrl Shift Esc at the same time and the task manager will pop up. Click on [File] at the top left corner of your task manager and choose New Task (Run).Type cmd and hit ok.In the command window type start explorer.exe and hit enter and “My Documents” will popup and your taskbar should be back? (Another trick) is to use IE and type C:/ in the address bar and hit enter (~8

    1.Go to Start->Rt click on My Computer and choose Properties -> System Restore Tab -> check the “Turn off system restore” box -> hit Apply and Ok.

    2.Hit Ctrl Shift and Esc at the same time and bring up your task manager and choose the processes tab and look for any shady looking exe’s like Regcure.exe or something with allot of random numbers and letters? Rt click on them and choose end process.
    (Note)Go here for process info’s

    3.When your done shutting down what you can, click on [File] at the top left corner of your task manager and choose New Task (Run).Type msconfig and hit Ok. Go in BOOT.INI tab and tick both “Safe boot” and to the right of that “Networking” and hit Apply and Close.(It will boot in “Safe with networking mode” Choose Aministrator)

    4.While in “Safe with networking mode” download Malwarebytes.

    5.Right click on the mbam setup app you downloaded and rename it xxxx then Dbl click on it and install and update it (If you can) and run a full scan and delete/quarantine all entities it finds (Restart if it asks?)
    (Note)If you couldn’t update before 1st scan update Malwarebytes and do another scan with a updated Malwarebytes!

    6.Go to Start,Run,type msconfig and hit ok.Go in BOOT.INI tab and untick Safe Boot and then go in the Startup tab and (uncheck) all programs (not) needed at startup “Lesser is better in this case” and hit apply,close,restart.Your computer will boot normally and on your desktop a window will popup,check “Don’t show this message” box and hit ok.
    (Note)Check here for info’s on startup programs
    (How to video)

    7.Download Superantispyware,install,update,and run a full scan and
    delete/quarantine all entities it finds.

    8.Go to Start->Rt click on My Computer and choose properties -> System Restore Tab -> uncheck the “Turn off system restore” box -> hit Apply and Ok and your done.

    Download Startup Monitor.It’s a add on that acts like a firewall for your startup menu and keeps malware from installing itself without your permission.

    Download Advanced System Care its a really good free program that has all kinds of optimizing tools and “IObit Security 360” (Part of ASC) is a really good all around security system and works well with Malwarebytes and Superantispyware try it out? (Free)

    Hijack This cleanup tool (Note)This tool is not intended for novices!

    How to fix corrupted Windows system files.
    1. Go to Start -> Run -> type sfc /scannow ->hit ok.
    It will ask you to insert a Windows XP installation disc.
    2. Insert the disc and let the SFC utility run
    3. SFC will check/repair changes made to the main system files.

    How to fix error messages.
    Go to Start > Run > type cmd > Hit [ok]
    1.Type chkdsk /f Hit enter and press “y” for yes and let it run.
    2.When it’s done restart your computer.
    Go here for more help.

    Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

    P.S.:If you need more help feel free to click on my name under my avatar and email me?

  9. STOP!

    Before you attempt recovery do a good virus scan of your PC to see what, if any malware is on there. Dell are correct, the virus could be hiding in your user data, though it’s unlikely to be in any of the pictures you have taken. It’s much more likely to be in a picture or video you’ve downloaded from the Internet, or in some software you installed, or even in an email attachment you weren’t expecting but clicked on anyway.

    First, download Malwarebytes from here: install it and do a full system scan against all your disks. Be sure to run the update process first to get the latest virus info.

    Second, download SuperAntiSpyware from here: install it and do a full system scan with that against all your disks. Be sure to run the update process first to get the latest virus info.

    If either of these products detects any viruses allow the programs to quarantine them. This may solve your problems making a system restore unnecessary.

    If you do need to do a system restore then you need to be aware that your PC will be restored to exactly the way it was the day you bought it. You will have a lot of Windows updates to apply, plus you will have to re-install any additional software you bought since getting the PC.

    System restore is not difficult to do on a Dell, they come with a special partition (area) on the disk that contains all the recovery info. Be absolutely sure you have a least TWO good backups of all your user data (pictures, videos, documents etc.) before you start.

  10. First, anyone that is just a ‘Friend’ would never charge $ 40 up front and never show up or return your calls (sorry about that). You can try ‘System Restore’ under All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. It will restore the system to the state that it was in on a previous date, but will NOT reverse the changes you made to documents after that date. It has to have been active before this- some people deactivate it to save disk space.

    As for Picture and document files, it is possible to have the documents infected, I am not sure about a picture file. In either case most anti-virus programs will allow you to scan individual files for a virus. It’s good to see that you made 2 copies of your pictures, most people learn to do this after their hard drive crashes, and they lose all of their pictures.

    In the extreme, since you have everything you need saved, and if System Restore does not work, you could always reload Windows. You need to have the Windows disk and all driver disks available before you start. It would involve reformatting the entire hard drive, so if you have questions about it, you may want to consult a professional. No matter WHAT Best Buy tels you, this action WILL get rid of all viruses. System Restore may not, because there are files that it does not change, like your revised documents.

    Finally, I would like to offer my thanks to your husband for all of his service in Iraq, and I hope he stays safe over there until he can return. Maybe this ‘Friend’ of your mothers will feel a little guilty after this and respond to your requests.

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