How to disable driver signature enforcement – Windows 8.1 & 8


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  1. after going to startup sittings and choose restart my windows 8.1 restart
    what do i have to do?

  2. Thanks…fingers crossed I can connect to fastboot …adb on my phones..
    Edit…nope…what a bummer no fastboot connection on HTC one…

  3. Merci bro :)

  4. It works! Thanks for the instructions.

  5. they need to stop hiding the fucking options and changing it every got damn

  6. thanx a lot really for the turorial
    your pc screen is has a very pure colors what kind of laptops gateway ? is
    it a high performance laptops like alienware and MSI or normal laptops
    company ?


  8. Very useful. Exactly what we needed. Good job!

  9. Excellent vid! Thanks for sharing. Very helpful and straight to the point.

  10. thanks bro its really helpful 

  11. hello
    I have followed all your instructions, but I can not press the F7 or 7,
    while my keyboard is disabled completely. Please help me.

  12. hey man,
    when i click in restart now
    my options are:
    -use a device (use a usb drive, network connection, or Windows Recovery DVD)
    -turn of your pc
    i don’t have troubleshot like you in the video..
    can u help me?

  13. Hey, Thanks for the video. I can follow all the steps up until you press
    7/F7. For some reason when I press it nothing happens and I am left
    staring at the final blue screen. Any idea what could be going wrong?
    Thanks for any help!

  14. Thanks Buddie, Just done this on a customers win 8.1 machine for a Prolific
    USB to RS485 programing node for Philip Dynalite.
    Worked 1st time! quality! mucho grassyarse!

  15. Thanks Mike for sharing this. That was very helpful. One thing that might
    be helpful for some is to make sure you “suspend” the bitlocker first if
    you have it enabled. Otherwise you may run into headache, specially if you
    don’t know where the security key is.

  16. I am on a surface pro 2 if that helps!

  17. Any way to make this work on a keyboardless tablet? I can’t find a way to
    press option 7 lol

  18. I get a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error message just after
    hitting restart,can you help ?

  19. 1:27 I DONT HAVE ‘TROUBLESHOOT’ button
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what should i do

  20. This no longer works. Needs to be updated for current 8.1

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