How To Disable Windows 8 Charms Bar (Edge UI)

How To Disable Windows 8 Charms Bar (Edge UI)

Full video tutorial on how to disable the Windows 8 Charms Bar (Edge UI). The Charms Bar is the new feature in WIndows 8 that brings up a clock and side pane…
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  1. To everyone who says this doesn’t work, please keep in mind that Windows 8
    has an update to 8.1 and when you update you can use a toggle to disable
    this feature. here is the video on how to update and disable the Charms Bar

  2. It worked thanks. But i need you Video for the Start button and Metro

  3. Thankyou so much!!

  4. Thanks This One Works Great, Many Many Thanks

  5. THANK YOU!!! Thank you so freakin’ much!!!! This thing has been p*ssing me
    off for months!!!

  6. just disable edge swipes, search ‘track’ and unclick!

  7. Awesome… Thanks a bunch. Works like a “Charm”!

  8. charms bar keeps coming back even after I followed every thing on the

  9. I know you are only trying to be helpful and all of us who are watching due
    appreciate it. Even if sometimes these videos don’t work out so well as you
    say. I will keep watching and staying updated with your current feed in
    hopes of improving my windows 8 pleasure and performance value. Thanks Dan
    for being one of the good guys…don’t listen to the anti-hero’s who mock

  10. how do I reduce the size of the charms bar..I just want to slim it a
    little bit

  11. awesome! this was the last annoying thing i had to disable and didn’t have
    the option in mouse settings. So easy and well explained. Thanks for your

  12. Thank you SO much. I was ready to trade it in for a Macbook, but now I’ll
    give windows 8 another chance. 😉 I never use a watch, and I certainly will
    not be shown this a cillion times a day. I have a feeling I might find
    other useful advices among your videos, Dan – subscribing! Thanks!

  13. thanks soooooo much. this was great turtorial. Just had to keep stopping
    your video to keep up but all done, easy peasy. cheers good stuff!!

  14. I have Window 8.1. This doesn’t work. 

  15. Isn’t there a way to just disable left swipe right swipe? Would that do
    the same thing? Where do you get back the Smart screen when you do wan it?

  16. When I first did this I already had these settings in my computer. I had to
    delete them and re-enter them for it to actually work.


  18. Thanks man, that Chrams Bar sucks bigtime! Pops up all the time.

  19. Thank you so much this charm bar was giving a lot of trouble while doing my
    research online.

  20. Thank you so much!!

  21. Unfortunately it’s not allowing me to update to windows 8.1, Even though
    this method worked for a period of time i still get the charm bar pops up
    when the mouse cursor hits the middle part where the charm bar is, Kinda
    frustrating when clicking in certain areas of the screen! 

  22. Hello all, I tried EVERYTHING but nothing works :( I have Dell with W8.1.
    Pro and when i get the mouse or touchpad to the lower right coner, the
    bar will appear. Do you have any news? Thanks a LOT.

  23. doesnt work 😐 but I dont like installing stuff to delete stuff so I guess
    I will have to live with this

  24. Hi,

    Thanks so much for posting this video. The Charm Bar isn’t very charming,
    and I was about to take a baseball bat to my new laptop because of it.

    What I was wonder, though is if you can tell me how to turn off the damn
    text enlargement feature?

    Every time I am just moving the mouse around text is either getting bigger
    or smaller.

    Is there some way to turn this touch pad text enlarging/shrinking feature
    off because it’s been about as bad as dealing with the not so charming
    Charm Bar.

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