How to Disable Windows Dial Up Networking in Internet Download Manager

How to Disable Windows Dial Up Networking in Internet Download Manager

How to Disable Windows Dial Up Networking in Internet Download Manager.
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Question by katie5481: I think I have a virus that is blocking all the google sites, but I can’t seem to find it… Help!
Here’s the problem… I’ve been having trouble accessing certain websites. They’ve worked fine in the past. This is a recent thing. It seems to just be the google sites for now though Adaware won’t download a definitions update either. I did a yahoo search for viruses that block websites and the ones I found I tried to manually locate to no avail. I also checked my Hosts file and found no entries. I manually entered the IP address and google still wouldn’t come up. I checked blocked websites just in case and it was not there. I downloaded both Avira and AVG. This virus was found: [DETECTION] Contains code of the W32/Mabezat Windows virus.

The virus was quarantined but from what I read about it, it doesn’t necessarily cause website blocks. It seems pretty low risk actually.

This also came up, but upon a yahoo search, it seems that it is a file connected to the Mabezat: WORM/Agent.161175.

My most likely means of attaining this virus is through use of USB drives in a cyber.

Also, There have been two occasions when I used ad-aware and it’s found some internet explorer tracking cookies. I don’t use IE much and when I do I never access paypal (haven’t used it in years) though there was a cookie for that. Here are 3 examples of the cookies and they all have 112.207 as extensions:

obj[16]=IECache Entry : C:\Users\TerribleKate\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\ Cookies\Low\kate@2o7[1].txt
obj[17]=IECache Entry : C:\Users\TerribleKate\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\ Cookies\Low\kate@msnportal.112.2o7----escape_autolink_uri:35dba5d75538a9bbe0b4da4422759a0e----.txt
obj[18]=IECache Entry : C:\Users\TerribleKate\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\ Cookies\Low\kate@paypal.112.2o7----escape_autolink_uri:35dba5d75538a9bbe0b4da4422759a0e----.txt

Any idea what’s causing my problem with google sites, etc?

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Answer by yo_and_go
follow this, and you should be outta trouble:

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  1. get a anti virus scan

  2. I had the same google problem and I got rid of the virus with ‘Kaspersky Antivirus'(should be up-to-date).

  3. this is what i would do, use internet explorer for now.

    1 turn off system restore
    2. boot in safe mode with networking
    3 do two free online scans:
    4. re boot if clean turn on system restore
    5. download ccleaner & run it.
    6. run Advanced WindowsCare Personal 2.8.1

  4. Please free yourself download and use Mozilla FireFox. use can have it from

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