How to do USB tethering in Windows 8 or 8.1 to connect computer to internet

It is simple to share your Android phone’s mobile internet connection with you laptop or PC with windows vista or Windows 7. But it is not that simple in win…

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  1. +jon
    Ok. i didn’t remember to do that. Actually when i was in need of sharing my
    SAmsung Galaxy S advance phone’s internet with my pc, i found the solution.
    I was more than happy. But my internet connection is too slow (due to weak
    signal coverage). I just didn’t want to show the ultraSlow internet in
    video. I am living in Kerala (india). My service provider (Airtel) provides
    a very slow 2g internet in my native place. I think they are still proud of

  2. How to connect ur pc to internet using an android phone (USB connection)

  3. How to do USB tethering in Windows 8 or 8.1 to connect computer to internet
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  4. Please help
    My device is Samsung s duos 2
    When i switch on tethering my device is not there in other devices
    When i show hidden devices and then do the same instructions in video
    Nothing happens… it remains same

  5. how bout in ALCATEL One touch magic ? ? ? i cant find the Remote NDS .
    Theres only WPD Composite and File system .

  6. Thank you very much bro its very helped

  7. I can not get this to work, I have a HTC one
    I enable usb tethering on my phone, i plug it in via usb.
    I open device manager and the option with the warning symbol is not there.
    I do not have a “Other devices” category.
    The only thing that changes when i plug my phone is “Portable Devices” my
    phone appears as ” HTC One” In that category but it does not have a warning
    symbol. This change does show that my phone is plugged in correctly as the
    computer is recognizing it.
    Any ideas on how to make it work? 

  8. Shafeeq, I mean no offence and I appreciate the video. I only wish you’d
    have opened a browser at the end of the video so that I could see the
    PC/Laptop, running Win 8.x,,connected to the internet and rendering pages.

  9. Thanks. It really helped :D

  10. BIG help! Thank you so much! :)

  11. cant work wid my nokia x2 dual sim :(

  12. It worked. Thank you !!

  13. I have HTC desire 7000 but and it didn’t work

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