How to download and install GTA IV on Windows 8/8.1 ( Simple Steps)

made with ezvid, free download at This video is the simplest way to download and install GTA IV 100 % real without any virus and survays UTo…
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  1. Hey Everyone, i’ve updated the GAME TORRENT LINK. Thank you all for ur
    patience nd sorry for the delay. 

  2. Sorry For the Inconvenience of not being able to download the game, that
    torrent has been removed due to some copyright issues but nothing to worry
    about, i’ll update the game link within 24 hrs. Thank You :) 

  3. Hey Everyone, i was getting many complaints for the activation of the game
    and the endless loading screen issue, well there is no problem. I will be
    soon back with the solution for these issues, till then stay tuned :)

  4. No the crack does not has any kind of virus, i agree that it asks to
    discard it but dont discard it, it won’t harm ur computer, believe me.

  5. Hello every1, this is to inform all those who wanted the cd key that the
    new serial code is in the description. 

  6. Hello Youtube, recently i got to know from many of my viewers that the cd
    key is not working. Well i will be providing with a working ck key ASAP. 

  7. Hey do u have a voice tutorial for this??? Thanks 

  8. Hi, thanks for the video. I installed this game in my laptop as per the
    instructions mentioned in your video and I was able to launch the game.
    However, game is running on low settings and its not allowing me to change

    Laptop’s specs,
    4th gen i5
    8gb ram
    2 gb GeForce 830M
    Windows 8.1
    All softwares r upto date.

    Plz let me know if there is any fix for this.

  9. Hello YouTube, once and for all, all those who were asking for the serial
    code or cd key of the game, its in the description. its 100% working 

  10. Excuse me … it ask for serial number :/ So !! how to crack it ?? I
    downloaded and installed and extracted all the files but the last step in
    the video I haven’t done cause the files you copied from is not on my

  11. firstly thank you for your all effort. But I had a problem, I couldn’t
    access to kickass. Is there any other links in different website?

  12. hey dude what is the AVTIVATION code??plss help :(

  13. Guys does it have any virus!!!!!
    Please let me know?
    Thannks ;)

  14. My problem is that my specs can handle this game but there is a lag while
    playing it here are my specs:
    NVidia GeForce GT 630
    2GB Ram

  15. Hello everyone, i just thought that i should inform all my viewers that i
    won’t be able to reply to any comments till the end of September because
    of my school exams but after my exams i’ll be back with some more new
    videos :)

  16. Doesnt work for me, I got the command syntax error

  17. I followed these steps and got it to successfully install and start up.
    However, when I start the game and try to go to actual gameplay it gets
    stuck on the loading screen (with the character pics). What else do I need
    to do?! Please help!

  18. the crack i got is different from i saw on your video and its not
    working…why? pls reply

  19. i did everythin how do i launch it now ? 

  20. I instlled the game from kickass than I downloaded the GTA IV Razor1911
    Crack from kickass than when I installed the game and than when I tried to
    copy and paste the crack it wasn’t the same one in your video, it was

  21. Does multiplayer work?

  22. where’d u get the cd drive? 

  23. in windows 8/8.1 no need power ISO 

  24. its telling me that SecuROM™ has determined that you are trying to start
    the application with an image of the original disc. Please be informed that
    SecuROM™ protected applications will not work with an emulated image of the
    original disc

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