How to Download iTunes to your Computer Free!!! – Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

This video shows beginners how to install and download iTunes on Windows 8 and how to install iTunes on Windows 8.1. Quickly see in this video tutorial how to download itunes to your computer….


  1. For some reason my computer does nothing and just takes me to the thank you
    page. Y does it do that?

  2. It didn’t work for me. I keep getting an error message everytime I try to
    open that store

  3. it doesn’t come up as welcome to iTunes on my computer

  4. I have windows 8.1 rt it’ll let me download it but it wont let me run it

  5. Thanks

  6. Thanks bruh

  7. Very helpfull

  8. Thanks so much

  9. I got it so far, it just takes a while to install. :|

  10. What an idiot! 64bit on widows 8.1 doesn’t work!!!

  11. it worked thanks

  12. thks

  13. it doesnt give me the option to install the apple software

  14. Why does it says windows error when my laptop is windows 8

  15. Each time I get to the last page it just stays the same and doesn’t fully
    load :(

  16. Nice and clear instructions. I like it and thank you 

  17. iTunes is already free

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