How To Download Windows 8.1 Pro 64-Bit(Torrent)

Download Link: Utorrent Link: Thanks For Watching!!!
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  1. Hay you stupid kid

  2. can i make copy to the flash and install it ….. can i use the flash when
    i finish downlaod the file ?

  3. and do i need to backup my personal files ?

  4. lol. this is what i see: Removed by the request of copyright owner, 23
    hours ago i guess they took down your link kid

  5. if i installed it how i can reconnect to internet? thanks 

  6. great video keep going it’s short and helpful

  7. with x64, i think it is 32bit
    because i see as win 7, x64 is 32bit and x86 is 64 bit?
    so, plz talk me this 64bit ?

  8. Is this activated? 

  9. plz make a video on how to record your iphone screen

  10. Thank you! I am downloading.

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