How to Enable Cortana on your Windows Phone 8.1 (Outside US)

Outside US ? Learn how to enable Cortana by changing your regional settings More At
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  1. If the full version of WP8.1 comes out, will it still require settings
    changed to US?

  2. I have changed every settings possible to us but it still ends up showing
    Bing!!what to do help!!

  3. hi,sir
    I want to ask if after installing win 8.1 and something went wrong or I am
    unable to access any of features, then their is any option to switch back
    to win8..plz let me know because I want to update as a preview but I am
    making sure that if its doesn’t work then I can access my old win.8..plz
    sir help me out .. 

  4. thx bro

  5. thank…. you made my day!!
    what about file explorer is it present in 8.1 as said???
    and as now i have updated via developer preview so would i receive future
    8.1 & lumia cyann updates as the non-registered/non-developer preview users
    receive it???

  6. Great ! Thanks Man

  7. Learn how to enable Cortana outside US by changing your regional settings

  8. Thanxx!!

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