How to Fix Black Screen Error Windows 8.1 update (solved)

Windows 8.1 update, Black flickering screen problem. How to Fix Black Screen Error During Windows 8.1 Installation on samsung notebook.


  1. THANK U!!!!! MY PC IS SAVED!!!!!

  2. Didnt do anything fuck just got this computer already done for 

  3. Hello i have.problem black screen after unstall theme.patcher wtf

  4. Another solution to fix it windows 8.1 black screen fix

  5. i have the same problem in my window 8 when i open it..i see the lenovo
    logo only and its not working…

  6. Figured it out too but first tried to look in bios but its refreshing now
    and should work:)

  7. I have this problem also in lenovo 8.1. :-( i want it back!

  8. What should i do when holding SHIFT + F8 is not working ?

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I looked through so many videos and
    yours is the only one that succeeded!! I’m so greatful thank you thank you
    thank you 

  10. If shift+f8 didn’t work, try shift+F11 or F5

  11. bell

  12. Thank you so much

  13. send turk ?? 

  14. türk olduğu kesindi asıl bölüm fix yok :) hehe trendy turkish please :)

  15. türk bilgisayarı lan :DDDD

  16. Обязательно попробую. Я думал что , такая ситуация сложилась только у
    меня. Благодарю за видео , и очень надеюсь что, оно мне поможет.

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