How to fix Graphics Restriction Bug GTA4/EFLC Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

1. Create a new text file and name it “commandline.txt” with no capitals on your desktop. 2. Copy paste this into the text document and save -NORESTRICTION -…
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  1. nothing fixes the problem , i can`t play gta iv on my pc (my pc is a asus
    n551jk dm089h)

  2. i`m missing the gta encoder , is that normal ?

  3. didnt’t work and my pc is very powerful. i can run 3049MB but it only runs
    202MB. :(

  4. finally this game works. It has some weird lag sometimes, but I think it’s
    the game / the operating system’s fault
    ps it didn’t work when I put .txt while the file was already a txt file lol

  5. i like how you said at the end like a boss! in the discription

  6. it didnt work i have a nividia gtx 745 and its not let me adjust the
    graphics at all i need help i did the the thing but it did not work

  7. when i go to program x86 i can’t find Rock Star games please help

  8. thnx alot…i tried every thing but this thing is awesome ! thnx again

  9. Thanks.

  10. Thanks!!!

  11. I can play any games at ultra/high, but my gta 4 is totally lagging, whats
    happening man? My gpu is r9 280x vapor-x

  12. For all of the people calling you names and stuff, this worked for me first
    try! Thumbs Up!

  13. thanks bro! work on my GTX 980 sc :)

  14. This truely fixed the problem but the game keeps on crashing after changing
    the commandline .

  15. @Nyan McPotato: thanks man its working perfectly in terms of graphic.
    However, isn’t it gonna damage my CPU and other pc stuffs??

  16. worked thx man

  17. this commandline.txt dont work can someone help :(

  18. didnt’t work and my pc is very powerful. i can run 2959MB but it runs 202
    -.- :( i see you are swedish? i am too :D

  19. Work! TY

  20. didnt work :-(

  21. whats written in that txt pls ? cant read it. thanks !

  22. I dont get it. My pc is very strong, in the graphics settings it says i can
    use over 2000 MB and i use only 350 and it still lags. Im using windows 8.
    Can you help me?

  23. Didn’t work fucking cunt

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