How to fix HDMI Audio Output in Windows 8.1

How to fix HDMI Audio Output in Windows 8.1

Real easy I’ve been seeing people having problems with this so I decided to help. Subscribe let me know what you wanna see and I’ll help you out. If you try …
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  1. That link doesn’t work anymore

  2. how do you find out what series your Intel is?

  3. r u smoking

  4. +TachyonicPack yessir indeed i do

  5. My HDMI port is closed up

  6. directions unclear, narrator stoned, got car stuck in tree.

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  8. Stopped watching at “you should figure it out”.

  9. The interl R display audio is not even there, also the HDMI audio option is
    not listed in the computer, I have show disconnected and disabled devices
    checked but still nothing shows up

  10. I really hope he’s not talking in a video about how to fix audio not
    working on my computer. 

  11. Brilliant. Thankyou. I have an Asrock H81M-HDS running Windows 8.1 and
    XMBC as my HTPC. Has the problem with ‘HDMI no output detected’ and this
    driver updated resolved the issue (After me scratching my head on and off
    for a while)

  12. Worked like magic!! I wasn’t able to set the default device as my TV (HDMI)
    , but this did the trick.

    It does not matter which integrated graphics you have!! (at least for me)

  13. Great. Fixed my issue.

  14. Dude, when I click on the download 64 bit thingy,it says page not found.
    Can you help me out with this? Thanks

  15. gracias gracias gracias gracias!

  16. Can I do this for win 8?

  17. “page not found” when clicking on the download, anyone no of anywhere else
    i can get it?

  18. Perfect, thanks for the help.

  19. Worked perfectly. My cousin had the same laptop as me and hers played sound
    through the tv, and mine didn’t and boy did it infuriate me. But now all is
    good. Thank you very much

  20. Okay it wont download properly, it says ” The driver being installed is not
    validated for this computer.Please obtain the appropriate driver from the
    computer manufacture” I have a intel corei7? Please help!!!

  21. thank u, it worked

  22. Trying this with 3630 and intel removed the download for my graphic series
    in particular… Now what do I do?

  23. Man wtf, mine wont put sound through the hdmi, but the audio output thing
    doesnt even have the caution symbol thing on it 

  24. Thank you man, you made my day! It worked like a charm! For those who needs
    a working link, just search your driver here it’s so easy! if you have an
    intel 4600 with a 64bit system, just use this page :)*

  25. I can’t find the file, intel has removed it from their website :(

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