How to fix memory leaks in Windows 8.1

How to fix memory leaks in Windows 8.1

This short video will show you how to decrease your RAM usage by about 1.5-2GB. What you will be doing is you will shut down a Windows service called “Windows Networking Data Usage Monitor”.


  1. I can’t find the Ndu bit in services (using windows 7) ????

  2. Made no difference for me whatsoever running 8.1 with 8gb on Lenovo

  3. Thanks. It’s been two weeks now and this seems to have fixed my RAM memory

  4. got same proble for me it driver issu with ny gigabytes z97x gaming it was
    network card driver onboard the probleme it install management suite or
    something in conflic with memory management just unstall all driver and
    reinstall it with out the management suite and it run really fine now..only
    in windows 8.1 that samedriver for windows 7 and no issu with windows 7

  5. this will fix leaks via drivers etc?

  6. Simple7ify for president!! 😀
    Thank you so much :)

  7. where is regedit?

  8. hey man pls answer me i have a problem

  9. Thanks! I was running a 16GB ram PC with 95-100% memory usage! Now it’s
    only 30% with running BF4 with ultra settings! 

  10. Microsoft has released a hotfix for this issue.

  11. Hey mate, I posted this just to thank you, this worked for me! My laptop
    has 6 GB of RAM, but even completely idle, memory usage was like 89-90%. I
    turned NDU reg value to 4 as instructed, rebooted and then memory usage
    dropped to only 15% when completely idle with only Windows services in use,
    and the whole system is using below 900 MB of RAM while idle.

    Thanks a ton :-)

  12. Nice work mate and thanks for this advice, got 8Gb of RAM and it used about
    5.5 with Chrome open (one tab).
    Now its only 2Gb usage with mutiple tabs. 😀
    Problem was i keep the browser open whem i’m playing and the RAM gets full
    in no time.

  13. doesnt work

  14. down from 5.5 gb on startup to 1. Thanks a heap!

  15. Can someone help me? I have 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz ram, and a Gtx 650ti.
    Anyways, whenever I play a game such as dayz or arma 3, I play for about 30
    or 20 minutes, and then windows takes me to the desktop saying something
    about memory loss and if I don’t turn off the game, my information might
    get erased. What is the problem and what might be the solution? My monitor
    also turns off sometimes. Please help. 

  16. Wanted to make sure it worked before posting. I used to have to restart my
    computer every day or 2 because ram would climb slowly to 90% and make my
    computer unusable. After doing this on win 8.1 it stays between 20-55% for
    long periods of time and I haven’t had any problems.

  17. My laptop is consuming 5 Gb when i’m working on word. I did this and didn’t
    solve it. Any ideas?

  18. Gtx 980, 4x4gb ddr3 1333 mhz ram, z97x-gaming 3, i7-4790k.
    When i have one 1 tab open in internet Explorer/chrome/or firefox,
    my memory is using 97%.. That’s not normal.
    Could someone give me some advices on how to fix this? :)

  19. Windows 8 is so f%(#ing bad

  20. Is it true that win8 consumes less memory than win7? and how much would you
    say would be the difference?

  21. wait 0=disable,1=enable,3=?,4=kill/stop immediatly?????

  22. did it how u explained it, but still when i play bf4 i get memory leaks, 

  23. I just tested this on my PC because of bad memory leaks, after a few hours
    i almost alwas have used all 8gb of memory. I hope this helps.

  24. Thanks a lot.
    this is really help me !

  25. I guess since mine was preset to binary code 2, and changing it to 4 didn’t
    reduce my memory usage at all, so I’m guessing preset 2 meant it wasn’t
    turned on in the first place, or at least not automatically?

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