How to Fix Windows 8/8.1 Store Pending Problem

How to Fix Windows 8/8.1 Store Pending Problem

A basic video on how to solve the apps pending problem on windows 8/8.1 store.
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  1. Anybody can help? I’ve done all those step, worked like a charm but
    downloads still pending..

  2. The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in
    another program. ???

  3. This is my first windows computer and it was a bit scary to dig into the OS
    like this since I am usually a mac person, but your fix worked like a charm
    and your directions were easy to follow. Thanks so much! You saved me a
    trip back to the store I bought this! 

  4. thank you very much!!! it freaking worked

  5. This is my first day with a Windows 8.1 tablet by HP and I come across this
    problem of apps in ‘pending’ status not downloading from the Store. Forgive
    my words but, What a piece of crap is this? A tablet that cannot download
    apps from the store unless you do all this steps? Unbelievable

  6. Windows update could not be stopped”, Help

  7. Thank you it’s work

  8. Thanks awesome worked

  9. nope, didn’t work, it still goes to pending if i minimize the store. what a
    waste of my time

  10. when I typed it in cmd it said “system error 5 hs occurred

  11. Its work thanks

  12. Does not work. “The Windows Update service could not be stopped.”

  13. thanks alot mate..helped.
    though i did had trouble deleting that folder. it was used by another app.
    so had to install an app called ‘unlocker’ to force delete the folder.
    after that continued with ur tut and all is well under the sun again ;)

  14. Thank you! Just FYI, you can also stop/start the wuauserv from the Task
    Manager “Services” tab instead of via the command line

  15. Its work ………..thanks

  16. did not work, still says pending or internet is too slow.

  17. I just did the first thing and it worked, thank you so much

  18. Thank you it worked. 

  19. thx <3

  20. does not work

  21. Thanks! I’m generally a mac person and have a Surface Pro 2 and this
    problem was driving me insane. Thanks for the simple and straight forward

  22. Thank you very much :D

  23. it works 

  24. THANK YOU!

  25. Thank you so much for this! :) Godbless

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