how to get a animated matrix wallpaper and screensaver

THE LINK this is the zmatrix wallpaper and screensaver its awesomesausce roflwaffle :) i always wanted to say that :)
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  1. can you use it on windows 8.1?

  2. lol @ the guys askin about the music. apparently u havent seen the matrix..
    cuz this songs on the fucking movie. 

  3. yes it works on windows 7 as well I tried and I have windows 7 and it
    worked, after I followed the instructions from you and can also use other
    existing wallpaper in my Picture. Thanks Bro :D

  4. it cool but can u make the digits/letters rain speed faster?

  5. Thank you.

  6. stephen your stupid read the gigs and malware and also check the

  7. song??

  8. does it work on windows 7?

  9. @stinkeydog clubbed to death – matrix soundtrack

  10. u scewed my computer u ass wipe

  11. Thanks yo ur awesome ^_^

  12. in my windows 8 covers the desktop icons … What must i do??

  13. it works

  14. How Do I Remove It ? Its good and all just getting boarding already.

  15. really kwl thx

  16. why does the matrix lines go over my desktop icons instead of it going
    behind my icons?

  17. it works on windows 7 also i tried it and i have windows 7 and it works i
    clicked the nt download just to let you people know with windows 7

  18. hellyeah! this looks aweseom! not trippin bout the icon thing cuz i just
    hid them and customized my start menu w/ all the stuff i use all the time.

  19. You type fast!!!! noobfriendlypros!!! i’m sure you have an experience to
    computer hacking! right???

  20. ya

  21. Uninstall it from your operating system…. search a tutorial on how to
    uninstall a program here on YouTube…..

  22. it keep going over my icons HELP ANYONE?

  23. ya what is the music called that is playing

  24. @noobfriendlypros HEY CAN THIS WORK FOR WINDOWS VISTA TOO?

  25. how do you just make it the normal matrix screen. it seems to work but it
    uses my old background as the picture and i just want the normal matrix
    green shit?

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