How to get Desktop Skype for Windows 8.1

How to get Desktop Skype for Windows 8.1

Simple fix to remove the Windows 8.1 “Metro” Skype, and get the old desktop version back. The Metro style of Skype could be nice on phones and tablets, but n…
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  1. hoe come when i download it i get a virus?

  2. The Skype websites doesn’t show up like that, or give me the option of
    which version I want to download. But, I uninstalled the Windows 8 version
    and downloaded the only option it gave me and it worked. Thanks.

  3. nice music xD

  4. What is screen recorder used and thanks

  5. Thank you so much.
    You should make another one with the title being like “how to use skype
    without havign to keep the application open” or something to that regard

  6. Thx

  7. thank u very much

  8. It gives me error that I’m using the outdated (but it’s actually LATEST)
    version of Skype…what a fuck

  9. heheehehehe fuk windows 8 skype app


  11. what is the name of the music wanna give it to friend

  12. WOW thank you!!!

  13. thanx a lot

  14. thank god! Win8 skype is the devil! appreciate the help.

  15. name of the Music?

  16. thnx man windows 8 sux cx

  17. thx this really helped me cuz when id play games with my friends id have to
    use my phone for skype thx again

  18. You’re awesome, thanks so much!

  19. thanks

  20. I type in my details and it says signing in for a few hours then says
    error! Plz help someone 

  21. whoever thought it was a good idea to “have one experience across all
    devices” should be fired. It is the worst idea I have ever seen implemented
    in my life, no exceptions. it ruined windows. it ruined skype apparently.
    Honestly I would rather use windows 95 than use windows 8, its just awful

  22. JK

  23. OMg thank you. i hate that stupid app. cant even exit it without leaving
    the call

  24. Alltså för i helvete Windows 8 VARFÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖR

  25. Thanks really 😀

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