How To Get FOOTBALL MANAGER 2015 For (Windows XP – 8.1) + MAC FREE [ English Voice Tutorial ]

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  1. *I put the least amount of effort into this video but it’s getting popular,
    please check out my other videos they are amazing!*

  2. unconfirmed crdownload?

  3. its not coming up like fm.exe it like only fm

  4. It keeps saying:- “a serious error occurred, the application has been
    closed. an error file has been generated”.

    I have tried to download it again, run the FM.exe from the folder and also
    shutting down steam yet nothing works. Guess i’ll have to wait a while
    longer till a “respectable” download comes along with no problems

  5. keeps on giving me a application error when I try to launch the game :(

  6. Is it possible for you to do FIFA 15? Much *appreciated* if so !

  7. every thing works, but the names of the football players are random

  8. i have a blackscreen after the copyrights thing shows up
    with the leauges n stuff

  9. For me the download stops at 99%

  10. Is it completely virus free though?? If everyone who downloaded it could
    tell me that, it would be awesome!

  11. Can you play online with it

  12. To the people who keep getting run errors..

    Add the whole FM15 program folder to your anti virus exceptions list.
    you’re welcome.

  13. Heey you also need to link us the name fix? Because the names are al wrong

  14. it doesnt open :(

  15. Some1 help me plz it wont let me play it because of twitchsdk_32_ ive tried
    to install it multiple times but it still dnt work :/

  16. my game wont save i got to save or autosave and it says game could not save
    help me

  17. dowloaded & installed but when i try to start it, it sais: a serious error
    occured, the application has been closed. an error file has been generated.
    pls help??

  18. Hey your channel is amazing mate but can u let me know if you can do a fifa
    15 free game

  19. hey one problem only the players names are not right

  20. When i run the shortcut as an administartor, the game doesent start up. But
    after a some time i get a message saying crash dump and a lot of shit..
    what do i do

  21. whats up with the players names ffs

  22. wat website shud i go on

  23. Anyone having problems with the players names in the EPL? All of them are
    wrong :/

  24. .

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