How to get movie box on iOS 8.1.2 no jailbreak

Just go to this link and follow the steps in the video.
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  1. password is mb31

  2. password is moviebox

  3. I don’t think any of these links will work with iPhones don’t know why

  4. If they didn’t work help each other out by sending links in the comments

  5. +made gorilla sorry man 

  6. Try them links they should work if the one in the video didn’t work

  7. Proof in video that it works

  8. Any new link? Try lots nothing is working… It just says unable to
    download once it finishes download. Any fix? Or just another link? Thanks.

  9. Does not work, the ” Cannot install APP st this time” ERROR still occurrs,
    I have iPad 4 iOS: 8.1.2

  10. Check out this video on YouTube: movie box ios 8.1.2 no jailbreak

  11. iOS 1.8.2 iPad 4
    Doesn’t do anything after pressing install, no matter what link I use (I
    almost all links for moviebox) It just doesn’t show up at the home screen.

  12. None of these links are working for me now 

  13. I have I iPod 5th generation and when it’s done downloading it says “unable
    to download” (I have iOS 8.1.2)

  14. The only thing I’m able to download is vShare. Once I’m on the app I can
    download apps then once I download them onto my phone they don’t work.
    Please help. 

  15. Link did not work. Using an iPhone 6.

  16. if anyone is having trouble playing or installing try changing the date to
    September 16th on your phone it may help it did for me .

  17. Thank you was looking for this video the whole time

  18. No links work for my phone i enter the password mb31 i went to every single
    new links and all other links and when i push install nothing happends it
    does not load up or anything i have the iphone 4s ios 8.1.2 help please
    what else do i have to do to my phone to get it working again!!!!

  19. Why doesn’t turbo mode works? Can someone please help me with this HUGE

  20. You use your iPad for school? Me too, I use Edco Learning :D

  21. Omg this actually work ty

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