How To Get Windows 8.1 FREE (No USB/Disk Needed to Boot Files)

How To Get Windows 8.1 FREE (No USB/Disk Needed to Boot Files)

In this video I will be showing you how to get a fully functioning version of Windows 8.1 for absolute FREE with using nothing more than your PC itself. In practically every other tutorial…
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  1. *Link has been updated 13/12/2014 remember to message me on Skype
    (alex.bonds2) if you have any further problems.*

  2. *Please note guys, If you’re having trouble with the Product Key’s it might
    be that you either need to find your own (as the ones I have provided have
    been over used) or use a windows 8/8.1 activator! – *
    *** If you want to use the activator
    you need to Skip the product key verification then go onto the activator
    once you have windows set up! Good luck and remember to Skype me if you
    have a problem*

  3. *Updated Link*

  4. *Windows 8/8.1 Activator*
    *Click Here:* ht://
    *Activate Any Version of Windows 8*

  5. I installed windows 8.1 without asking me for a key, any one else?

  6. hey alex, im building my own computer do you think this will work on ? do i
    have to do something different?

  7. Hey man this is great! Thanks! Side note: that background you have is on
    all of the school computers. Its so ugly. I hate it.

  8. Link doesnt work, please help!

  9. will windows update work as well?

  10. you are a liar

    there is nothing

  11. Broo thanks alot but i need the activation code for acces on background and
    some more things and these two codes does not work so can u tell me ? i
    subscribed u and i will allways follow your videos . please do that favor
    to me 

  12. Hey dude great tutorial, but I really want to go back to windows 7 how can
    I do it

  13. 2hours for the windows 8.1 iso file lol nah

  14. .-. i must wait in some hours to window 8.1 is finish

  15. pls can someone give me the magneto link?

  16. is this pro because i want win 8 pro

  17. Can i just put it on my USB after?

  18. 2 questions. if i use the serial keys, will the activation be forever.
    and will using an activator activate it forever

  19. So yesterday I installed what you say on the video. It’s works good. But
    when I go to the settings of my Windows 8.1 Pro the product key is not
    activated. But that not the problem…

    But now I don’t know how I can go back to my Windows 7 Home Premium.
    Because Windows 8.1 Pro is too difficult to use for me. So maybe you can
    make a video for that, I really want back to my old Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Thanks, Lisa

  20. Hey dude! I went to go mount it, but it has no mount option? :/

  21. Dude do we use the same tutorial with the new link? Because when I do,
    nothing happens. Answer quickly!

  22. Do you recomend getting windows 8 on a slow computer?Do you think if i get
    windows 8, it will be faster or even slower or same

  23. will this work for games like project spark that need windows 8.1 to work?

  24. hi im like such a noob, and idk if my wifi will still work if i install
    windows 8.1. cuz i used to have windows vista my wifi on the laptop didn’t
    work, then i got windows 7 , the wifi worked, now im getting windows 8 and
    idk if my wifi will still work. help?

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