How To Have an Animated Wallpaper in Windows 8.1

2013 by Brandon Maxwell All Rights Reserved. Hey just had to update you all on the better software for this. Link:…
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  1. will this work on windows8?

  2. hey what about that backround can you put a link for it

  3. Music down, voice up! Good content though thanks

  4. This thing is not free. It costs too much and even though i tried to crack
    it, I am so amazed that I failed. I generated a Code for it, and then
    everything worked but at the last they told me that the email address and
    the “email address i used to buy the code” was not the same. I got amazed
    of their protectiveness. If someone can give me a better way to crack this
    thing. oh god i would love to use it.

  5. Damn dude speak up…

  6. fuck you the web site is full of bad stuff fo yoyerb computer i ropoterd
    him for it

  7. sofware buy…..

  8. Where do you get the video files to use as backgrounds?!

  9. There is a program called ‘BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Animator’ that does the
    same thing but is freeware. And you don’t have to install it. And works
    also on Win 7. And Vista too.

  10. Link to your animated background? looks amazing

  11. What happens if I am not going to deinstall it ? :o

  12. dat music tho

  13. Music not needed and too loud!

  14. what file type does it sup?

  15. turn music down, or speak louder

  16. We can’t even hear you that much get a better mic…

  17. 😀 is that sims music 

  18. Algo entendí de tu ingles.

  19. i cant hear you. music is too loud and you are too quiet. for me as not
    native speaker it is impossible to understand you

  20. loooooool is he going to suicide ??

  21. Why.Are.You.Using.Internet.Explorer.

  22. Or use animated walpappers. It’s free software
    and uses all video formats.

  23. music?

  24. Use headphone so you can barely hear him _..

    But next time SPEAK LOUDER 

  25. what is the music?

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