How To Improve Gaming Performance in Windows 8.1 & 8 (2014)

Bonus : Steam Games at Great Prices : . How to Reduce Ping : This video will help you increase FPS in pretty much any…
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  1. how do i undo everything?

  2. Will this help me run call of duty black ops 2 on ultra
    core 2 quad 2.66
    R9 270x 2GB card
    4gb ram ddr2
    thanks i will try this later

  3. i have a intell i7 with 2 gtx780s and 16 gb of ram i hope i can play
    minecraft at 20fps 

  4. You need rundll32 for most things o.O

  5. is 6:21 this part really sv or cv?

  6. u said c v? but u wrote s v?

  7. So by transferring 3gb from hardrive to virtual memory, will it be as
    though you would have purchased a pc with 7/8gb of RAM instead of 4?
    Please reply

  8. This was made on my birthday :D

  9. i can’t hear u….

  10. don’t listen to the step were the event log and the other one last time it
    disabled my internet broswer

  11. Thank you very much!!! my 8.1 get fast.

  12. How To Improve Gaming Performance in Windows 8? format disc C!

  13. i have the same configuration as u 

  14. does this work for 8.0?

  15. Just use tuneup and put on turbo mode -_-

  16. No, dont do this bullshit.

  17. what the heck do you need money for increasing this channel!?! you dont
    animate or something almost everyone can make a video like that

  18. Thanks for the tips man! Good video!

    your email id

  20. I can’t hear you

  21. Dude, We need to “hear ” you. Turn up the volume .I’m maxed out and you’re
    mummbling. I’m sure you have some great ideas,…but we need to hear

  22. *what is up with people whispering in YouTube videos today?*

  23. SPEAK UP !

  24. bad audio

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