How to install HP printer drivers

Here’s a quick guide showing how to download and install the latest drivers for your HP printer from HP’s driver website.
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  1. ty really appreciate

  2. o my god im having hard time to install why??

  3. OMG! This actually worked I’m so HAPPY! :)

  4. but my lapto dont have cd room !

  5. thnx

  6. ماهذة الهراء بحق الجحيم

  7. Helpppp.Purchased HP LaserJet 1200 printer for my pc…I can print a test
    page from printer ok , but not through computer…think I need driver…the
    HP site is asking for info I don’t have

  8. i downloaded it and installed it also but windows cant find the driver can
    u pls help me

  9. help full for me

  10. That’s great advice – thanks for posting it. For full functionality of your
    device, always install the complete software packages!

  11. @jump1820 Glad it saved you from buying the CD! I think it’s crazy that
    they charge you for those.

  12. Can you give me the website you are in??

  13. Thank you sooooooo much!!! I am so happy…and i don’t know what to
    say..thank you again!!

  14. thanx dawg dis helped alot

  15. amigo me podrias a yudar con el driver de hp pavilion a1214n controladora
    de ethernet y estava bueno este video me ayudo mucho pero ayudame con ese
    driver k lo he buscado y no puedo encontrarlo. Gracias amigo

  16. OMG I’m gonna love you forever!!!! after a year of figuring out how to
    install my printer I finally did, & thanks to you :)

  17. i m using AGFA-AccuSet v52.3 printer and this printer cannot print

  18. Thanks!!

  19. Thank you so much!

  20. Thats right.

  21. The basic drivers has the HP solution center??

  22. is this thing works without cd because i lost it and i want to print some
    cd case paper pic

  23. many thanks for a good lesson

  24. you are my hero 😀 thanks

  25. Heyyy i just wanted to say Thankyou! the vid you made was extremely helpful
    so thanks again for posting it you did a great job! x

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