How to install WAMP server on windows

Quick tutorial on how to get localhost WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) running on your computer. This is great for running WordPress locally! Discounted B…


  1. i am unable open that test.html file .
    plz help asap.

  2. its yellow and when i click put offline its internal error… help plz

  3. After I have finished installing the wampserver and click to start it…I
    get a message”MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer”what should I do

  4. I followed along with Wes on every step and installed wamp. It is working
    and when I go to localhost it brings up the same page he showed. Under
    projects when I click on test (I made a text folder and same a text.html in
    it) I get a message saying the website is not available. What am I doing

  5. My server is orange and i dont have skype on. Tried restarting but still
    have a problem

  6. If your Icon is orange, and wont go green, then EXIT Skype, no idea why it
    conflicts, but it does.

  7. When am clicking on the test folder in local host am getting a “this page
    is not available” page. I have saved the file with html extension and have
    made sure that the type was “all files”. What should i do.??

  8. Hi wes, i am sai.. i just installed wamp server in my computer following
    your steps,but when i click on local host its asking me user name and
    password… should i create new one … can you help me out

  9. My WAMP is orange and I do not know why. Skype is not open .

  10. Thank you, I really appreciated this video. I’ve been spending the evening
    on trying to make Wamp work, and then with your video everything went so

  11. I LOVE YOU MAN!! (No homo)
    The last bit was thee important bit. None of these other fools covered the
    directory part. 

  12. Thanks for AWESOME VIDEO ……………..

  13. :)

  14. I have created the test.html but when i try to open it in wamp it says
    server not found. Can you please help

  15. Great video! What is the correct version of Wampserver to download for
    Windows XP SP3? Also, where can this be downloaded from? Thanks!

  16. why is the icon not green but orange on my computer

  17. Magic. Many thanks. :)

  18. Thank you so much!

  19. Crisp , Clear and to the Point … Great way to initiate beginners 

  20. if I open my webpage on my external ip I get
    Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
    opening it on localhost works fine but I want it to be accessible from
    other computers :x

  21. i cant get it green

  22. i got the answer for this error “Aestan tray menu has encountered a problem
    and needs to close….”
    not its installed.
    but when i click on phpmyadmin panel its asking for user id nad password.
    and there is no option to create one also

  23. Thank you, It’s a nice and useful video !!!!

  24. i get this error “Aestan tray menu has encountered a problem and needs to
    how to i solve this???
    i used windows xp desktop

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