How to install Windows 8.1 Update 1 build 9600.16610 (+ Download links!)

Another Windows 8.1 Update 1 build leaked with even more improvements for desktop users and new animations for store apps! It’s a bit different from previous…
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  1. will that delete your programs or you need to reinstall them or it just
    updates your windows ?? and thanks for the video it’s amazing

  2. I will try this on virtualbox

  3. A new Windows 8.1 Build has leaked, here’s how you can get it (With
    download links)

  4. how do i download this? how do i use magnet:?xt ? what is this?
    Edit: oh nevermind i clicked on Update 1: MEGA mirror by alicans.
    and then i follow your video.

    Question: how do you make blue captions like that in blue? is it in
    camtasia studio?

  5. I`d rather wait for it to come out, but thanks anyway

  6. WINDOWS.8.1.2014.UPDATE.X86.ONLY.MSU.9600.17025.140214-1706-WZT


    How to use magnets?
    Open uTorrent, click the magnet with the + up there… and then paste the

  7. upload it with .rar format pls the torrents dont work (connecting to peers)

  8. I did it, but then it went to startup repair, and then went to CMD, to find
    my whole drive was formatted O_O (This was in VMWare Workstation 10)

  9. why did microsoft make it so complicated to update

  10. Excuse me, If I download and install this, what’s going to happen when the
    official update arrives? I mean, can we update anyway?

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