How to install Windows 8.1

In this video, I demonstrate how to clean-install Windows 8.1 and I also do a little side-by-side comparison of how each OS nags you to sign in with a Micros…

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  1. Hey, umm..
    I wanna ask.
    Why is my ‘Language to install’ only got portugese(bra)
    And, I installed it, and I changed my language settings on control panel,
    but my windows still running portugese lang when I’m not in the windows..
    Like ‘Welcome’ Signing in” and stuffs..
    Even my apps is running in that lang.. ._.
    Please help.. 

  2. Hey i need some help please, i downloaded 64 bit and it said i needed a
    media driver so we did 32 bit and it worked but after the collecting
    information, when it’s downloading with the windows logo in the middle and
    the circle moving, we waited over 15 hours and it hasn’t done anything yet
    so it’s taking FOREVER! It would be a big help if anyone helped me!

  3. Is there away to make the on screen keyboard appear during installation?
    Because I don’t own a wired keyboard! 

  4. You sound like your from Sling Blade.

  5. Any help stuck at your PC will restart in a few moments first time

  6. Good video, but you could make it better using OBS (Open Broadcaster
    Software). It’s free, open source, and will get a better look of the
    computer than on a phone or camera. :D

  7. im a big fan of windows 7 an looking to upgrade to windows 8.1 ! well ,
    right about now im just downloading windows 8.1 . so hopefully by tomorrow
    i’ll try to install it on my VM using ur meatherd b4 i go about installing
    it on my system . ill let u know if it work or not

  8. I will stick with LINUX

  9. lol totally not a torrented version…

  10. That’s one long video

  11. YouTube user Imull3 has a recent video that shows how to keep your local
    account, or in this case create one in Windows 8.1, without having to type
    anything beforehand. If you click on “Create a new (Microsoft) Account”,
    and go to the bottom link on the page that follows, it will let you create
    a local account in Windows 8.1. His video is here: watch?v=gDLIEWryUpQ

  12. I realize that now, watch the video further and you explained how you got

  13. The start screen can search for files and settings, when you clicked down
    onto the apps you set it to search apps only.

  14. It really isn’t a torrented version.

  15. LOL I will keep Win 7 and Mint16

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