How to install Xap files in WindowsPhone

power tools for windows 7 Xap deployer Apps & Games New link for XAP Deployer New link for Windows Power…

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  1. New links updated

  2. Can you send the power tools for me thank you.

  3. Thanks “kryt ans” but i got the Xap deployer on kickass torrent’s the one
    you have is kinda not working the link to the Xap’s do work thanks for that
    to, But good video though it helped. 

  4. ha mai tung may ngu ak

  5. hey download and install windows phone sdk lite ver thats it and .net
    fram.. ver 4.1.5

  6. link is not working fix it>>>> please

  7. hey whats the name of last tune

  8. I get a Trojan.BruteForce detection in power tools.

  9. when ever i try to open the deployment tools it doesnt open, its dumb and i
    hate it…….fix it 

  10. baal paro tomra -_-

  11. fake;not working

  12. I cant open Xap deployer.Please tell me what to do,i have Windows 7,and
    Windows 8.1 phone

  13. You are the best in the world man

  14. “The Configaration data for this product is corrupt.Contact your support
    personnel” This error showing…Why Pls HELP

  15. Music ?

  16. status-the Configaration data for this product is corrupt.Contact your
    support personnel…Why Pls HELP

  17. tengo una computadora con windows 7 enterprise de 32 bit (x84) crees que

  18. xap developer is nt working now.Use windows phone power tool.This is

  19. hey the xap deployer link is not working… please fix it….

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