HOW TO: Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 with TaiG 1.2

Retweet: Description: A Windows tutorial that shows you how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8.1.2 with TaiG 1.2. Follow iDownloadBlog on Twitter:…

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  1. Anyone else having a error saying “Could not find Apple Device” any fix?
    Please help me!
    Thank you!

  2. i doesnt work for 1.2

  3. why dont you link the fucking software in the description!

  4. I have an i5 on 8.1.2 and when I jailbroke it, whenever I tried installing
    any tweaks, they didn’t take effect and nothing really happened. It’s like
    it’s not actually jailbroken. What do?

  5. um, everytime at 50% (after injecting programs) it restarts my phone? and
    after they say it restarted successfully, it remains at 50% for awhile more
    than…. it failed? ):

  6. can i upgrade my 8.1 jb pangu using this method?

  7. Can I turn find my iPhone back on after jailbreaking? 

  8. You sound like wildcat from vanoss

  9. First time jailbreaking my iPhone jeff, SO EASY! omg thankyou jeff..

  10. I did it. But when i did i had cydia i opened it but when it said preparing
    filesystem. It restarted my device and cydia got deleted and there were
    only about 3 apps left. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP?

  11. I’m stuck on 30% on my iPad 2. Same thing with my iPhone 5C. Somebody pls
    help me

  12. Great Stuck on 60% while “injecting”….

  13. can i do this jail brake on windows XP?

  14. If I jailbreak with taig will I still be able to update normally and keep
    my jailbreak (that is when the next iOS comes out right now I’m running iOS
    8.1.2 on a 4s) if you can’t could someone plz reply and tell me how

  15. Does it still have the bootloop problem like it did on pangu? Ill only
    jailbreak if that problem is fixed cause its so annoying and also do you
    need to restore your device if you did an OTA update?:)

  16. been watching jailbreak vids all day and this has been the best and easy
    one yet!!! thank you JEFF!!!

  17. How do I backup all my Cydia tweaks and stuff

  18. I am about to jail break my IPhone I hope it works 

  19. Mine says “Can’t find apple driver, please download and install iTunes”

  20. Why is it stuck on 30%, every single time. I updated through itunes and i
    turn off “find my iphone”

  21. the jailbreak stops at 30%

  22. Is this untethered?

  23. I have an IPad 2 Jailbroken on 8.1 should I upgrade?


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