How to make a BOOTABLE Windows 8.1 Professional DVD [with ImgBurn]

How to make a BOOTABLE Windows 8.1 Professional DVD [with ImgBurn]

Hi viewers, I’m here to demonstrate how to make a bootable Windows 8.1 Pro DVD with a small software called IMGBURN. You can install it in By this method you can…
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  1. how i can test the windows 8.1 i just make without installing it in my pc ?

  2. Windows 8/8.1 Activator
    Click Here:
    Activate Any Version of Windows 8

  3. Whats the name of the menu bar at the top of the screen?

  4. Man,you must to say on video about what speed to make the DVD,if you have
    the speed MAX, sometime will not work to burn it.If you have a error about
    DVDRam can’t burn it ,just go at Device,and put the write speed much
    lower.I not recommend to write a DVD with Write Speed MAX,will not write
    too well.If you write with Write Speed MAX the DVD will not see too good
    the boot.If you need help about the DVD is not working say here:D

  5. u saved my life :) :)

  6. thanks bro vary vary tanks i liked your video i subscribed your video

  7. can i make bootable windows xp too with this method??

  8. Thank you ^__^

  9. Thank thank thank you very much!! now i can install my Windows 8.1 :D

  10. um, where can i find the file? the one that you burn onto the dvd? i’ve
    looked everywhere for it and i can’t do anything without it.

  11. thanks now my laptop has windows 8.1 :D

  12. thank you…………………..

  13. iam using windows 8.1 32 bi, I planned to upgrade to 64 bit.
    I alredy burn 64 bit iso in dvd like your tutorial,but why i cannot boot it?
    It show press any key to boot dvd, when i press it start as usual.

  14. Thank you man, it really works. keep it up :)

  15. thanks a million dude. This worked out for me

  16. dude when i did it the first dvd was done but the 2nd one i did its not
    doing the dvd was blank why?

  17. Awesome dude, god bless……

  18. is this a crack one?

  19. How to change content type from date to operation system installer plz

  20. thnks man

  21. from where did you get windows 8.1 32 bit….and can i run 64 bit windows
    on my 32 bit pc

  22. Im tring to boot into windows 8.1 instaall but i cant find Boot options!

  23. Ty so much bro!!!!!! AWSOME TUTORIAL!!!!!!

  24. i just used some program call AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition 5.1 to
    shrink C on my new laptop C is 800GB so i wanted to shrink it and make
    other drivers everything was going great it asked me to restart to apply
    the shrinking and after its done now my laptop won’t start again i made
    some searches and found the AOMEI support team says (We are so sorry for
    the problem this time you encountered. If you have a WinPE recovery disc,
    please boot from the disc to delete a file called “ampa.exe” in this path
    “C:/Windows”, after that your computer will come back to normal. If you do
    not have such a recovery disc, you may use BartPE to create one.) the
    problem is that that BartPE support up to windows xp to make a WinPE and
    windows xp does’t support GPT DISK my laptopworks with windows 8 so the
    disk is GPT so now if i made win xp BartPE will it work and allow me to
    delete this ampa.exe i really need some help plz… nice video btw what i
    was looking for is if i can make a win8 bootable cd that allow me to delete
    that damn file ampa.exe

  25. Am I going to have to use activation software with this one?
    And thank you for making this video.

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