How to make Windows 8 Even Faster (Updated for Windows 8.1)

How to make Windows 8 Even Faster (Updated for Windows 8.1)

1. Disable unnecessary startup programs. 2. Set unnecessary services to manual, such as: Application Experience Computer Browser (If your computer is not con…
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  1. uninstall shitty windows 8 , be much faster lol

  2. Why can’t people just go straight to the point…..we all know what the
    video is about from the title, there is no need to explain it in detail in
    what you are going to do in the video. 8 minutes long…….why drag
    it out?

  3. Thanks 😀 sub earned!!! :D

  4. what’s your ghz and ram I want to compare mine to yours I got 1.3 ghz and 4
    ram useable 3.60,I can still play some games sadly I wish I could play my
    favorite ones :c

  5. WOW it works. gaming is better and a whole lot of things… thanks

  6. I don’t have open services 

  7. how did you made that intro
    please tell me i have aftereffects cs6
    adobe premier cs6
    adobe photoshop cs6 extended
    and flash cc

  8. A pretty helpful video, but I’d say it’s a too long. Most people are
    looking for fast info on how to accelerate their computer. 

  9. First

  10. Thanks!

  11. great…thanks :)

  12. i have annoying service it uses 99% of my disk

  13. Why thanks,

  14. thx
    for the help:D

  15. Thanks for the tips!

  16. nice ty! 

  17. is good to gaming better?

  18. Thanks.

  19. For anyone asking the song name is: Rustie – After Light

  20. thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Thanks for the video. My Windows 8.1 does not have the “more power
    options” link. I cannot change to “High Performance”. The only choice is
    “balanced”. Is there a way I can activate more power options?

  22. thanks for the help

  23. your just an annoying pig stupidity :3

  24. Great tips…THNX :-)

  25. Thank you so much, David! I appreciate it, because after that my PC just
    got x100 faster (exaggeration). But still, you got a new subscriber here…

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