How to Optimize or Improve Windows 8.1 for Gaming

All of the steps are in the video. Aero 8.1.1 for Windows 8.1.1 :

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  1. How to Optimize or Improve Windows 8.1

    step 1.delete win 8

    step 2 get a usb drive and put win 7 on it then .Install win 7

    problem solved

  2. Well now this is a video with my old PC, because recently yesterday I got
    my new PC shipped to my house. It contains a AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor
    @3.50Ghz, AMD Radeon HD 7850 , 8gb Ram.

  3. It’s still crazy how some people think this is windows 7 because of my
    theme, but others think its just regular windows 8, i upgraded from windows
    8 to 8.1 on the laptop a while ago. Seriously for ya’ll who still think
    that the operating system on my PC isn’t windows 8.1 check again at 1:53 in
    the video. It say’s the windows edition of my PC right there lol.

  4. For everyone on this video that has commented how do i have windows 7
    appearance on a windows 8.1 computer the list with the necessary
    items/programs will get you windows 7 styled appearance. But for the Win7
    explorer (Its just a testing version still, but it does work, also with the
    Win7 explorer disable your antivirus for a few minutes…) < --- Seriously! Required!!!

    Theme Aero 8.1 for Win8.1:

    Aero Blur:

    and the Win7 Explorer for Win 8.1:

    also StartisBack:

  5. Decent info for beginners. Could have been much more tolerable without all
    the lip smacking / tongue clicking.

  6. I fell asleep while watching this video.

  7. You have system mechanic and game booster installed…

    Most of your steps involve freeing up system memory. If RAM is really a
    problem on your system in this day and age you got ripped off when you
    bought your machine.

  8. How is that Windows 8/8.1?

  9. I love Windows 7,one of the best(If not the best) OS made.. SO FAR, but
    windows 8.1 honestly with a properly set up rig, you get 7-10 extra FPS on
    Windows 8. It’s not the most aesthetic OS being that it looks like it’s
    made for 12 years olds, which it is since its based for tablets which a
    high consumer rate is by adults for their children, but it does help FPS.
    Just stating simple fact and use BOTH OS so this is from a personal exp.

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  11. I did all of these and change the fonts in all of my system… any idea
    what’s going on?

  12. Hey Dude Can U Please Put Downloads In Link?

  13. thanks for making this- i enjoyed doing the steps – playing wgt see how
    much bettier it may be, bjd

  14. You don’t have an intel graphics card, you have an intel on board graphics
    chip set xD 

  15. Its not “C-C-Cleaner” its C-Cleaner!

  16. This is more like a noob way to optimise win 8.1 for gaming because all
    those programs you are showing aren’t really good, things that mess with
    you registry are not optimal at all but if you are just a gamer and don’t
    know how to optimise your Operating system by yourself and got an average
    computer than you can use these programs because it’s probably going to be
    better than not doing anything.

  17. If you have such a wooden PC, then don’t even think about installing
    windows 8.1 for gamming, it just doesn’t make any sense. Stick to windows 7

  18. I’m downloading them now!, thx so much dude. Hope it works well

  19. TU for helping out..but if that is the only way to get win 8,1 play one of
    my old games..then yark .Its awfull..Microsoft is no friendly comp.

  20. stop with that sound you are doing with your mouth! don’t know know how
    it’s called in english

  21. All u’ve to do is just download tuneup utilities and install it.

  22. I have a new Asus Gaming laptop with windows 8.1 and nvidia video card and
    16 GB Ram
    however,, I don’t know why it shows low memory messages and that I have to
    close the game that I’am playing the sims 3- 4
    what to do??

  23. Whata dickface 

  24. Never use Advanced System Care! Every time I had it turned on, my PC was
    almost unusable

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